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Where are my poems and stories?

Hello, this is just to revive an old blog with a new name. Once I toured as Pottering Harry McCrory but these days people call me the Woodland Bard. I was born as John Willmott. I have poems and stories scattered in many places, on web sites, in books, as social media postings, and in drawers of lady friends through my life, as well as what have I have stuffed in undexpected places. Some day I will come back to this hub and bring the poems and stories into this one place For now here's one I posted for someone looking for a rhyme for a hare, and this came to me right away. Can you see this silver hare this night; With cocked back ears ducking the moon bright, Nibbling on berries and blossoms to nourish Then away like a ghostie, leaving us a memory to cherish The art on wood is by Jessie Skellen, a neighbour