10th January 2015

Almanac ...

Rooster Call :

Cold and windy here at Carrowcrory, but looks like we will have some hours of sun soon. Very wintery forecast next week. Out and about day for me, market, Moylurg Writers meet up and other errands until dark.

Here's to you spending some time with lovely people this weekend. :-)  

Weather :

A lot colder today, going to 4C, 40F today, with a chilling strong wind. Sinking into very cold for us on Tuesday with arrival of snow that night that could continue on and off for 7 or more days. as forecasted way back in October. Some of those beautiful crispy sunny days or part days in between too. This cold blast still looks like lasting until after Brighid's Day and Imbolc when there could be another snow blast.  

Moon :

71%  waning moon ....  at Carrowcrory Ireland ... rises 10:49 pm, sets 10:43 am
sunrise 8:48 am, sunset 4:33 pm

News ...

Celebration, Imbolc & Brighid's Day :

In 3 weeks time people in Ireland will start to celebrate either or both Brighid's Day and Imbolc, Brighid's Day for most people being February 1st with preparations made on January 31st. Imbolc being the cross quarter time between midwinter and spring equinox, which this year is 9:55 pm on 3rd February. 

As most people make these Celebrations weekend events, as they are committed to other things Monday to Friday and there is no national holiday at this time. This year, 1st February is a Sunday, meaning Brighid/Imbolc meet-ups then are going to be very popular and busy.

Here are what seem to be the big 4 events around Ireland, 
Kildare, Co.Galway, Co. Louth and Glendalough.

Solas Bhride, Kildare
Hosting Feile Bride from their new centre from January 31st until February 8th, with celebrations at the Wayside and Tully wells, lectures, meditations, workshops, music and cross making.

Brigit's Garden, Co. Galway
Surprisingly nothing mentioned on their web site or facebook page yet. 
This is the biggest event of the year for the garden with a string of wonderful activities, so I suspect news will be with us any day new. Keep checking this amazing place

Brigid Of Faughart Festival, Co. Louth
A string of events with lectures, rituals, celebrations, dance, song, music, poetry and guided walks between January 30th and February 1st

St Brigid's Day-Imbolc, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow
A full day of events, Sunday February 1st with lectures, meditations, harps and other music, herbal medicine workshop, cross making

Small Homes :

Again, Willowcrow seems to be on the button with the current thoughts of those people exploring sustainability. Many people do not need the space they live in any more, especially as more and more people are living as singles. Families and community households are a culture that is becoming extinct it seems. Willowcrow shares a good viewpoint about all of this ... 

alternative housing

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