11th January 2015

Almanac ...

Rooster Call :

A bit warmer again at Carrowcrory, but a cool wind is still present. Dedicating today to book writing and editing and easy to make slow cook crock pot meals. 

Wishing you a leisurely Sunday.  

Weather :

A bit warmer today, going to a cool 7C, 46F today, still a chilling wind present. Sinking into cold for us on Tuesday with arrival of snow that night that could continue on and off for a few days. This cold blast still looks like lasting until after Brighid's Day and Imbolc, but quite dry then. 

Moon :

61%  waning moon ....  at Carrowcrory, Ireland ... rises 11:54 pm, sets 11:04 am
sunrise 8:48 am, sunset 4:34 pm

News ...

Forest Conservation :

Trees under threat in Britain ...

This article urges action that must be taken to save Britain's forests from being devastated by a wave of new diseases brought by climate change and the global trade in plants. This affects Ireland too.

Remedies suggested in this article range from creating genetically modified trees, never a solution I like, introducing friendly bacteria, which is another solution I am sceptical about, and planting a diversity of mixed species native trees which are then harvested through thinnings and not clear fell in the future.

To me all this is a no-brainer. Stop tree imports and plant with plants reared from local collected seeds and cuttings. All this will attract the needed bio-diversity that can balance things during a climate warm up.

trees under threat

Small Homes :

Isn't this micro dwelling, stuck in a woods, and with an internet connection, perfect retreat for a writer. Up for sale for $15,000. What could you build one for, if local planning allowed?

We have a similar small dwelling here at Carrowcrory that is a rental for up to 2 weeks at a time? Inquire.

small home

Local Food :

Crock Pot Cooking
When I first saw this article I thought there was only one crock pot recipe, just throwing all you have into the crockpot and slow cook.

Looking through this, there are several Carrowcrory Cottage regular favourites that I had not considered as crockpot cooking such as the frittata, baked apples and oven slow cooked steel cut oat porridge.

These recipes are simple, tasty, and inexpensive. Worth getting into the habit through winter.

crock pot cooking

Celtic Music :

Martyn Bennett - 'Grit' ...

Ooo .. How can I get loot to get to the opening of Celtic Connections in Glasgow next Thursday for the live premiere of Grit by the late Martyn Bennett ??? ..., must be one of my top favourite albums of all time ... and here is an amazing documentary about it, much of it filmed on the Isle Of Mull

Media & Publishing :

Is video replacing texts and photos?

I have noticed over the past couple of years that there is an acceleration of response to my short video posts than to any text posts, and any text without pictures barely gets attention. With my publishing online more and more short videos will be integrated. There is a sudden popularity for 20 to 30 second videos to explain something. These may be trailers for longer videos, but just posting a long video link does not work. Posting a long text blog is now almost totally ignored.

Facebook have noticed this and their attention, lately, has been on acquiring video technology companies. Quickfire is perhaps the most interesting because the techs there have worked on how to deliver quality videos through difficult slow and congested bandwidths and internet services.

Video consumption on Facebook has also accelerated and now rapidly on Facebook.  Now, shared video trailers on the Facebook platform has overtaken YouTube so Facebook have jumped on this.

People who announce 'Facebook is dead' have not seen the amazing stats and circulation of Instagram and WhatsApp. It looks like Facebook are about to do similar with a video service. 

What are we concerned with being a global phenomenon through an international corporation with our communications? I find its amazing how many individuals now feel they have something to say that will change the world. 

How do we convert this to having local relevance and serving local needs?  

facebook video

Motivation :

26 charts and maps that show the world is getting much, much better ...

With social media, speed of reporting, and reports from far more sources it all seems like worsening gloom and doom with wars, disease, hunger, abuse, pollution, urbanization, wildlife slaughter and reduction, political corruption and global warming ... but here are 26 charts and maps to remind us of good things that have developed around the world in recent years too ...

smiley face

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