16th January 2015

Rooster Call :

Awaking to a dusting of snow and what looks likes being a still crispy sunny day. I think I have started to recover a bit today, so back on the writing, tense deadlines now :-)     

Wishing you all healing light wherever you are..  

Weather :

Dusting of snow again this morning at Carrowcrory, blue sky, wind has gone, first of crispy sunny days with sprinkly snow during sub zero nights. 

It looks like this cold blast will be with us at least until the end of January, and maybe through to the first or second week of February. However, there are now some signs that Brighid's Day and Imbolc may pass through an ice and snow free time, though. Watch this space ...   

Moon :

13%  waning moon ....  at Carrowcrory, Ireland ... sets 13:22 pm, rises 05:27 am (17th)
sunrise 8:43 am, sunset 4:42 pm

Celtic Music :

Full of Grit ...

I'm Still sulking for not making it to the Celtic Connections opening
 ... but the tweets are in !!!  - I should have Nae Regrets :-) 

"Tonight's tribute to & reimagining of Martyn Bennett's music moving in every sense; mind, body and spirit. Glorious start to ccfest 2015"

"Wow never seen an audience so totally into a gig, lovely sweet audience singing too! Nae Regrets indeed"

"Wow. Just wow!! You know sometimes you feel SO privileged to be somewhere.Tonight was one of those nights"

"sheer brilliance ! Perf of Martyn Bennet's Grit was an orchestral triumph - a moment of history reaching into future of music"

"how are you going to follow that? NaeRegrets. The most amazing event ever!"

Soon I will venture away from this project, but I am still fascinated by the performance of Martyn Bennett's 'Grit' last night to open Celtic Connections. Though no actual journalist or blog views have been published, as I wrote here, I am picking up fragments of info. If you have more resources, please let me know :-) 

First, the whole thing done with orchestra and singers and no electronic or electric instruments at all!

Over 90 musicians and celebrity singers, yet un-named.  The Twitter response was amazing. It seems most people there rated it the, or near to,  best live show they have ever been to !!!

BBC are broadcasting the concert once on 22nd January, but I do not know which channel yet, or time.  

Sustainable Living :

Increased Native Woodlands and Hedgerows for Glens Of Antrim ...

Great news here from the UK Woodland Trust. A lovely woodland and hedgerow project with native trees allowed to attract and create their own biodiversity. Good to see many crab apples will be planted.

native woodland for glens of antrim

Labyrinths :

Merging Horticulture with Labyrinths ...

"The labyrinth takes you into the opposite space, where you get the opportunity to let go of your mind and find your heart."

I enjoy this article, as many of the quotes share are the same as what people who visit and use our Tree Labyrinth at Carrowcrory say :-) . 

I like Healy's second design in the tree circle, though maybe tricky to keep clean of intrusive plants, 'weeds'

labyrinth dedign

Local Food and Drink :

Irish Whiskey museum ...

Irish Whiskey, from 12th century monks to 200 distilleries in the 1800s, down to 4 distilleries in the 60s and 70s and now bouncing back with local mico-distilleries, at least 20 in planning stages , and now a Whiskey Museum, with tasting, near Trinity College, Dublin, already rated the 2nd best place to visit in Dublin by Trip Advisor.  

whiskey museum with tasting

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