17th January, 2015

Rooster Call :

Awaking to another still morning of ice and snow coverage at Carrowcrory. Priority is catch a pine marten in the cottage and take it off to another woods. Chickening out of market shopping this morning. I do not trust the road plus I seem to be back to full health and want to get my book finished and off to printers.      

Wishing you all a safe and nourished weekend...  

Weather :

The good news for many is that this near zero and sub zero ice and snow blast in Ireland is turning into a different weather pattern by next weekend, after the Moon goes back to waxing. 

So, this delightfully changes the current forecast for Brighid's Day and Imbolc time which looks like being milder and even Spring like with a mix sun and light showers. The movement to this mildness still fragile for a day or too, but looks good. Watch this space ...   

Moon :

7%  waning moon ....  at Carrowcrory, Ireland ... sets 14:08 pm, rises 06:27 am (18th)
sunrise 8:42 am, sunset 4:44 pm

Celtic Music :

Nae Regrets - The reviews are in !!!

The work that opened this year's 'Celtic Connections' festival, the first live performance of the late Martyn Bennett's 'Grit' album got raving reviews all over.

From the Guardian ... "The sheer energy on stage was infectious, the orchestral sound was big-hearted and there were some terrific new colours in the orchestration. Fiona Hunter belted out Move like a call to arms ... The evening ended with the entire hall singing together. It’s hard to imagine a fonder tribute."

From the Scotsman ..."There were moments of unexpected beauty – Fiona Hunter’s vernacular Scots singing in uncanny concurrence with plainchanting choristers ... Spot-on sound balance allowed singers to deliver with surprising clarity against this seething instrumental swirl ... two encores and standing ovations".

Nae Regrets review

Free History Of Irish Bards

The national music of Ireland, containing the history of the Irish bards, the national melodies, the harp, and other musical instruments of Erin (1850)

Download in whatever format you desire ...

national music of Ireland

Sustainable Living :

Small Is Beautiful ...

Lovely article on how the 1000s od lakes and ponds in Ireland sustain life and sustain our water. This is probably a story of everywhere.

pond in a wood

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