25th January, 2015 - Imbolc, Brighid, forest conservation, forest mythology, labyrinths

Almanac ...

Rooster Call :

Cloudy, misty and mild morning start here at Carrowcrory, and I doodle on with writing.

Today in 'Almost Daily Blog' ...
  • Brighid the Goddess, the first of a series this week
  • Community forestry in Indonesia, could we do what they do here?
  • Labyrinths of 1200 BC Babylon
  • Manifesto for creating Forest Culture
I trust Sunday will be relaxing and joyful for you.

Weather :

A one off mild day at Carrowcrory, reaching 10C, 51F. Temperatures then slowly dropping each day again, and new forecast trend looks like we will be back into winter from Wednesday onwards. 
Next weekend for Brighid's Day still looking ok, cool but no snow. A mix of sun and light showers, around 5C high and 0C low. Then Imbolc, which is the 3rd this year, seems to be back to some snow showers and ice that could continue for a week, even up to two weeks. 

Make the most of this short break from winter weather, especially considering what seems to be ahead for us during next week and early February, but March is currently looking good.    

Moon :

Moon waxing, at 29%  ....  at Carrowcrory, Ireland ... rises 10:39 am, sets 00:19 am (26th)
sunrise 8:32 am, sunset 4:59 pm

News ...

Celtic Celebrations, Imbolc :
Brighid The Goddess

Brighid, Bhride, Breeg, Brigit, Brideog, evokes many images and interpretations within many people. These images are of love, youthfulness and Spring ... let's explore those.

Forest Conservation :
How community forestry is managed in a part of Indonesia

Fascinating how community forest is managed and enforced here. Families and unmarried men have quotas of trees to plant and maintain. Laziness of this is fined and good care is awarded.

Is this a 'model' of community forestry that would work in other countries?

community forestry in Indonesia

Labyrinths :
Labyrinths of 1100 to 1200 BC in Babylon

Fascinating image of labyrinths of ancient Babylon ...

ancient Babylonian labyrinths

Forest Mythology :
Manifesto for creating Forest Culture

I was reading through 'Forest Friends Ireland Obectives'. Forest Friends are a Forest Conservation lobbying and activity group based in Ireland but also share concerns for forestry around the world, as well as in Ireland.

I was looking at their Ireland Objectives, and stole a few lines that seem to fit into my own passion.
I have also linked to their list and pages at the end of this.

So here is my Manifesto, using some cribbed lines from Forest Friends.
  • To support forestry policies based on biodiversity and continuous canopy.
  • Oppose clear felling and support harvesting through thinning instead.
  • Promote ethical investment in forests.
  • Explore the creation of forest trusts.
  • Protect existing forests, woods and other lands of biodiversity.
  • Achieve a key stewardship role for local communities, neighbourwoods
  • Promote local sustainable economic initiatives that are inclusive of the economies of nature.
  • Develop local tree nurseries to assist conservation of local native woodlands.
  • Develop new woodlands and hedging that connects existing woodlands
  • Encourage tree planting based on biodiversity by anyone with anywhere they can plant trees
  • Plant only 100% native and near native species of trees from native seed stock.
  • Promote the arts in the context of our natural environment, eg. Bards In The Woods
  • Encourage sustainable woodland forest management to include coppicing, shared fuel systems and development of crafts using local thinned wood materials rather than imported, quarried and mined materials.
  • Re-establish a culture of forests.

Forest Friends Ireland Objectives

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