5th January, 2015

Almanac ...

Rooster Call :

Today, its back to dealing with arrangements for our USA tour in March and April, though I was just looking at how bare and un-attended the Bathing In The Fae's Breath site is. I may work on that. A break from the book for a couple of days, though. Getting stale with that again. 

Go with the flow of what inspires? 

Weather :

Cloudy but surprisingly mild morning at Carrowcrory, windows open first thing, going to 10C, 50F. Make the most of the mild this week as after next weekend it does look like we are sinking into a cold spell, even snow from time to time, until after Imbolc. Beautiful sunny day forecasted tomorrow for Little Christmas, Epiphany, though.

Moon :

100%  moon right now, I suppose back to 99% and waning when we see it tonight, moment of full moon was 4:53 am this morning, here. 

News ...

Woodland Bard E-Books :

This I have started assembling a page to park my growing collection of pictorial e-books. At present they are all free, though a small donation for Bards In The Woods expenses is greatly appreciated. 

I will keep adding to this as time allows .... 


Sustainable Living :

This is a link to a podcast of an interview with a Stephen Harrod Buhner talking about Plant Intelligence. 

Full of good stuff, of course, and today very much of the return to spiral thinking, rather than linear thinking, of the fairly newly named 'permaculture' culture. 

First, here's the link to the book

I would not say that what Stephen talks about is a 'lost language' though anyone who wants to have an effect and make a living on the literary, literature and workshop circuit probably has to say such things, I suppose. 

I've always had many friends and family members very hands on, spirit on I suppose, what is talked about here. Its just not in mainstream education and modern economics mechanics. Its not the sort of thing that can be spreadsheet driven. 

Thanks to digital social exchange and people getting together with other people this thinking, awareness and understanding is being applied much more. 

This is no longer an exclusive domain of the 'gurus' any more. Anyone can discover how to be present with all of their senses and apply themselves to this communication, relationship and sustainability. 

Like music recording, writing and publishing where recording companies and book publishing companies days are numbered so maybe the guru's days be up. People are doing it for themselves!

Coaches rather than gurus seem to be the 'priests' of today, which is anyone who encourages anyone to do stuff for themselves, but also within 'co-operative community' too.

Its as if today's culture is going towards everyone bringing what they have to 'put on the table'. Then use what 'we' have ... rather than be issued with a 'menu' from the gourmet guru chef.

I'm going OT here ... but this pod cast is worth a listen, a bit long, an hour or so, so give yourself some time.

... more info and the podcast

Rural Ireland economy to be revived from dairy cattle?

That's the claim here in a report through the Irish Times
300,000 extra dairy cattle on Irish land, within 5 years creating 3000 additional rural jobs. 

What about the forests, what about the water consequences?

Good to see the tourism increases, though I wonder if the ultra marketing of the Wild Atlantic Way is going to reduce the tourism impact of inland. Though we have a busy hospitality time next year, some regular groups to the area are deciding to stick to the Wild Atlantic Way coastal route this year and skip inland destinations. That could and should mean good inland bargains and excellent places of retreat. 

dairy cattle

Celebration :

On Tuesday, 6th January, its Little Christmas, Old Christmas, Epiphany, Nollaig na mBan, an afternoon time out for some women around Ireland where afternoon tea is shared with presents exchange. For many, the decorations will come down that evening or the following morning, and Yule fires will have burned after securing fertility for the year ahead.. Its a lovely forecast in Ireland for Tuesday :-) 

Little Christmas

Harp Music :

Ooo, this looks like being the best music project from singer harpist Mary MacMaster since the awesome Alba band of many years ago. Recording Songs Of Seperation on the Isle Of Eigg during June too. I will be following this....

songs of seperation

Art :

This is a link to a podcast of an interview with a Stephen Harrod Buhner talking about Plant Intelligence. Full
It is still winter here, and many cloudy dusky moments. This joyful art from Milena Rooney brings a smile to moments.

Milena is 'famous' for the art of Ogma's Tale Of The Trees

Milena tells me, "I shall be starting a blog about how to enjoy the magical moments of the day and ill be doing a monthly illustration to go along with it..." - so I look forward to featuring that here. 

more news being added through the day, 
please check back :-) 


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