6th January 2015

Almanac ...

Rooster Call :

What a wonderful sunny day its going to be today :-) . How perfect for Little Christmas and Epiphany. Perfectly timed for me as I have a photo shoot in the woods shortly, with Claire, for photos needed for a press kit. Then more time to embrace the wonderful outdoors as weather like this may not be back this way for awhile. 

Is the sun with you? Are you celebrating Little Christmas, Old Christmas, Epiphany?

Weather :

Sunny, 6C, 43F, but even so I am sure it will feel like warm sun on the face. Make the most of this, Ireland as it may not be back for awhile. Mild and wet for the rest of the week, it seems, then after next weekend it does look like we are sinking into a cold spell, even snow from time to time, lasting until after Imbolc. 

Moon :

98%  waning moon tonight. 

News ...

Forest Bathing :

I subscribe to many blogs that may include articles on the relaxing leisure of  'forest bathing' from time to time. This is a good one. Nice pics.

forest bathing

Local Food :

Mashed potato really a superfood? :-) Check this out ...

mashed potatoes

Prophecy :

Interesting, how when we try to 'solve' something we take a chess board approach rather than a labyrinth approach. On a chess board there are opposing sides maneuvering against each other. In a labyrinth there is the single path destiny to 'light' that can only be reached through the shedding of 'baggage' that may be things like fears, guilt, unforgiveness, revenge and so forth. When that light is reached, we can return through the labyrinth in unity of that light. 

So, from the two choices, chessboard or labyrinth, I believe we would find the labyrinth to be the least stressful. Take a question onto a chess board and into a labyrinth to compare.. Unfortunately, many seem to fear the labyrinth as it seems to threaten personal security and nakedness. On a chess board, if we take a side, we can be fully cloaked and even covert, stealth and invisible for short times. Why do we feel that is the most secure way?

Celebration :

Today, Tuesday, 6th January, its Little Christmas, Old Christmas, Epiphany, Nollaig na mBan, an afternoon time out for some women around Ireland where afternoon tea is shared with presents exchange. 

I published this yesterday, but will keep it on this news for today too :-) .

Little Christmas

Biodiversity :

Plants can tell when they are being eaten ... and they don't like it.

plants know when they are being eaten

more news being added through the day, 
please check back :-) 


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