8th January 2015

Almanac ...

Rooster Call :

Beautiful sunny blue sky morning it is :-)  USA tour arrangements take priority todasy, and a bit of writing later.

What is bringing you joy this morning? 

Weather :

Going to 6C, 44F today, so about normal again for a day. Another mild, wet and gusty day forecasted tomorrow. Still looks like we are sinking into a cold spell from next Monday evening onwards, when we could wake up to morning snow on some mornings  followed by some of those beautiful crispy sunny days too. This cold blast still looks like lasting until after Brighid's Day and Imbolc. 

Moon :

94%  waning moon ....  at Carrowcrory Ireland ... rises 8:40 pm, sets 10:00 am
sunrise 8:50 am, sunset 4:30 pm

News ...

Sustainable Living :

Creating Bee And Butterfly Sanctuaries
Beautiful essential blog from the Druid's Garden blog by Willowcrow.

I tend to wonder how anyone can call themselves 'druid' if they are not actively involved in tending to a garden or forest and involving others in the same. This does not require 'ownership', and may even be more relevant applied to community gardens and local public native woodlands.

Bee and Butterfly Sanctuaries

Harp Music :

Introduction to Lisa Lynne
Overall introduction plus a beautiful random video collage that will make you sparkle in the morning, well all day really. 

Lisa Lynne

Relaxation Music :

Deuter. Reiki Hands Of Love.
Overall I've been a fan of Deuter's for many, many years. Its as if this musician lives forever. There are many free samples around by him to engage yourself with too.  

Reiki Hands Of Love

Controversy :

Corporations save the world?
Just come across this, Avon, the direct selling cosmetics and gifts company, who in the past had been famous for suspect products, has now got into bed with The Nature Conservancy. The project is for Avon to fund Plant A Billion Trees. Their partnership is now 5 years old and 4.5 million trees funded and planted in Brazil.

Avon claim to have 6 million Avon reps worldwide, so that's about three quarters of a tree per rep in five years ... not bad sideline from the 6 million reps that help Avon create over 10 billion dollars in sales annually - or is it?

Did each rep use up three quarters of a tree in toilet paper over 5 years? 

What if those 10 million Avon reps spent a few hours each year on a community garden, on a neighbourwood leisure and forest food scheme, or simply planted and cared for a tree or two in their own garden ... what they benefits would be? 

Personally, I do not buy into these Corporate Save The World Schemes and this has lowered my view of The Nature Conservancy which is starting to look like another quango created to create a bunch of high salaries and pensions. 

Corporations that have the guts to sponsor REAL programs of Community Permaculture gardens and Neighbourwoods for leisure and forest food would get my attention. Could it ever happen? 

Avon Healthy Forests

Public Transport Ireland :

Sadly, Irish Rail support is dwindling. It seems every few years there is more motorway and a railway service is closed down. People going by rail is 'too slow' but I love it. Someone else is driving, lots of leg room, comfort, power points, wi-fi, and toilets. I always get a lot of admin, correspondence, writing and planning done on train journeys which is not possible driving a car and very uncomfortable on a bus.

As far as work achieved, using the train is the time saver ... and definitely the more sustainable choice. In Ireland, do use the trains more.

Irish Rail Limerick Line

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