Sunday, 4th January 2015

Almanac ...

My plot today is to tune up the Woodland Bard web site a bit, and kicking off by starting up this 'Almost Daily Blog', so do subscribe in the right margin, if this interest you |:-) 

Quite a few people thinking of vacations too, so I had better work on our Retreat Guides for this year.

Are you thinking about vacations now?

Weather :

Cloudy start at Carrowcrory, but looks like a dry day, going to 6C, 44F.
Looking good for Epiphany/Little Christmas on Tuesday
Cold, windy, showery snowy forecast has returned for mid January, thru Imbolc though.

Moon :

99% waxing moon tonight, almost full. 
Was very clear last night, not so sure about tonight. 
This is the Wolf Moon, Quiet Moon, Old Moon

News ...

Sustainable Living :

This is very cool, very useful, a good reminder of what I used to do in winter, growing more food from veggie scraps.
... more info

Guardian article of tips of how to live more green from now on
... more info

Harp Music :

Interesting low cost Lap Harp here, though I do not know how Fair Trade it is.. 
... more info

more news being added through the day, 
please check back :-) 


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