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6th February, 2015 - sustainable energy, forest conservation, ogham, local food

Almanac ... Rooster Call : Ice free misty morning at Carrowcrory, dry cloudy day I think. Today in 'Almost Daily Blog' ... Coillte hoping Irish Government commands more forestry bio-fuels Gluten free Sweet Potato recipes The Ogham Stones of Ireland: The Complete & Illustrated Index SW Mull & Iona Development awarded £750K to buy Tiroran Forest Continuing to distribute media stuff for USA tour arrangements. Gardening thoughts in my mind too. Are you a member of a community garden? Weather : Cool misty start at Carrowcrory, with no frost or ice. Looks like being cloudy all day. This afternoon reaching 6C, 43F and then back to freezing 0C tonight.    Tomorrow, Saturday, looks like warming and being mild then back to cool days but, maybe, with frost free nights.  Valentines Day looking like being a mild day which may extend for a week after then, so the drop to cold weather at the end of the month is currently looking less likely.

5th February, 2015 - sustainable living, forest bathing, local food, Ireland travel,

Almanac ... Rooster Call : Another frosty morning at Carrowcrory, then into blue sky and sun, then some clouding over.still feels spring like though the ground is still icy and cold. Today in 'Almost Daily Blog' ... Irish village sets up Community Shop Tree Therapy is not just for for the birds OURganic Gardens launches web site and new courses WOW! $350 round-trip flights from US to Ireland More USA tour arrangements for me to do today, mainly distributing media stuff. Do you find it easy to explain to others what you do? Weather : Frosty start this morning, at Carrowcrory, and a stunning sunny blue sky too, but that soon clouded over so it is cloudy with sunny periods today. A bit warmer this afternoon reaching 8C, 47F and then diving to freezing 0C tonight.    This slow warming daytime trend, with icy frosty nights, now looks like being with us for the rest of February, though there may be some frost free nights next week.  This week