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Almanac ...

Brighid's Day Today :

Beautiful morning for this Brighid's Day at Carrowcrory, sunny, cloudless, but frost with a sprinkling of snow to greet us, but melting. This is a perfect Brighid's Day.

Today in 'Almost Daily Blog' ...
  • Treehouse Design and Construction
  • Lavender Labyrinth
  • Forest Bathing Trail Tea Ceremony
  • Brighid's Day and Imbolc 2015 updates
  • David Cortier replica Celtic Harp builder
Did you put out your Brát Bhrides, Brighid's Cloaks, cloths, last night. Would have gathered generous moisture for this morning. What are you doing through the Brighid's Day today? I am off to a gathering at Shannon Pot, Co. Cavan very shortly myself. Looking forward to meeting some of you there.

Weather :

Sunny cloudless sky morning at Carrowcrory, and hopefully through Ireland, n wind, frosty and a dusting of snow from the night. Still cold, reaching just 5C, 41F this afternoon but staying dry.
A perfect Brighid's Day today with a changed weather forecast too. Looks like it is going to remain cold through the rest of February but dry and sunny for at least a week, but with icy frosty nights. The previously forecasted wind seems to have dropped now too. 

Next weekend is forecasted to be a few degrees warmer for 2 or three days  but there are still indications of a short slump into wintery weather again during the third week of February. 

March is still currently looking good, warmer with good sun.    

Moon :

Moon waxing, at 79%  ....  at Carrowcrory, Ireland ... sets 06:28 am,  rises 3:22 pm 
sunrise 8:21 am, sunset 5:12 pm  

News ...

Small Homes :
Blue Forest Treehouse Design and Construction

One of the many exquisite professionally built treehouses by Blue Forest. This treehouse is wrapped around the trunk of an oak tree without any anchors to the tree. Its load rests via stilts on a ring beam. The roof is thatched and the walls covered in hand cleaved oak shingles. The thatched treehouse, located near Bristol UK, matches the main house which is also thatched and was built in 1886.

tree house construction

Labyrinths :
Lavender Labyrinth

Normally I do not like monoculture labyrinths. I just do not like the concept of it ... but this one of lavender seems to be an exception :-) 

lavender labyrinth

Forest Bathing :
Forest Bathing Trail Tea Ceremony

Ok, Bards In The Woods people in Ireland, our Sunday afternoon kicks off with some Boladh na Sióga, Bathing In The Fae's Breath, then we have our voice time sharing our poetry and and stories, then quiet time strolling to where our picnic food and tea supplies are, then we 'ceili' and share our gardening tips, recipes, and wallow in our local gossip. ... but should our tea drinking time also be one of contemplation like this? smile emoticon I think I know the majority answer, but I am motivated to share this with you for reactions ...

Celtic Celebrations, Imbolc :
Brighid's Day and Imbolc 2015 - updates

Brighid's Day Today!

Again, my link to my Special Brighid and Imbolc Page that links to
  • Events around Ireland between now and next Wednesday, 
  • Articles to support your own gatherings, kitchen, hearth and alter celebrations, 
  • plus weather forecast, moon positions and sun positions. ....     

Brighid's Day and Imbolc updates

Harp Music :
David Kortier, replica Celtic Harp maker  

Fascinating article about David who entered into harp making 20 years ago by accident. For example, because early harpmakers couldn't rely on glue to hold their harps together in Ireland's damp climate, they carved the instrument's sound box from a solid block of willow. This is what David does. He is said to be one of just four people in the world who make authentic Celtic harps. I believe Davy Patton in Co. Roscommon is another.

Interesting coincidence, David and David names come from a Welsh word Derwydd, which has origins back to a word that sounds like Deravid from the middle east. Translation of that is roughly 'vision through the sacred wood' which was reference to a bardic harp player who used his harp to connect with prophecy that was shared with the people. From the middle east we are, of course, familiar with King David the harper, portrayed in stone on both north and south high crosses of Castledermot, Co. Kildare

David Kortier harp maker

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