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Almanac ...

Rooster Call :

Another beautiful calm, crisp sunny morning at Carrowcrory, and a forecast for this to continue for at least a week. This is great news for people observing Imbolc sunrise, somewhere, on the morning of 4th, February, on Wednesday after the Imbolc moment of 3:34 am in Ireland.

Today in 'Almost Daily Blog' ...
  • How did you celebrate Brighid's Day?
  • Irish government increases forestry support?
  • Near death experience reveals Celtic myths
  • The secret lives of squirrels
  • Will Ireland survive on Insects soon?
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What lovely memories from your Brighid's Day weekend do you carry and share today?

Weather :

Sunny frosty icy morning at Carrowcrory, and through Ireland, still, no wind. May reaching just 5C, 41F this afternoon and then dive below zero tonight.
Imbolc crossover time is 3:45 am on the morning of 4th February here. That morning also being a time to watch sunrise at The Mound Of Hostage, Tara, or at Cairn L, Loughcrew, though the farmer is not happy about that one. Weather for then is clear frosty morning and beautiful sunrise, 

After Imbolc there seems to be a slow warming trend, but still frosty nights. Frost free nights may start to return from next Monday morning. Meanwhile calm, crisp, sunny, dry days are the forecast for at least a week. There are still indications of maybe a short slump into wintery weather again during the third week of February. 

March is still currently looking good, warmer with good sun.    

Moon :

Moon waxing, at 97%  ....  at Carrowcrory, Ireland ... sets 07:06 am,  rises 4:22 pm 
sunrise 8:19 am, sunset 5:14 pm  

News ...

Imbolc :
How did you celebrate Brighid's Day?

A wonderful welcoming friendly turnout at Shannon Pot, Co. Cavan to share cross making, blessing of waters, chants, music, songs, poetry, readings and a feast of Brighid's Bread and broths. Warm sun on our face, though a little chilly on some toes. Over 40 of us were there ...

Forest Conservation :
Irish government increases forestry support?

The main objectives is to support the planting of over 43,000 hectares of new forest and support the construction of up to 690 kilometres of new forest roads. Of course, this is all about almost monoculture planting of sitka spruce, and that's not really what we are interested in.

Funding has been set aside for between 300 hectares to 360 hectares of Native Woodland Conservation per year for the next 7 years. This is combined support for public forestry and private landowners with emergent native woodlands.

That is far too small for Native Woodland conservation and development. Even so, its better than the pitiful almost non support that was there before.

My interest, and I hope Bards in The Woods interest, and certainly Native Woodland Trust and Woodland League, is to increase Native woodland access for pleasure, learning, forest food management research and as an essential under-provided component for our existence.

It shows this is something we have to try and do outside of government support as much as we can too. People are planting more trees in their gardens, spare farm land and community gardens. There are challenges, of course, such as deer eating young trees and diseases spreading sometimes, but ... because there are trees growing it does show that not all treas are eaten and diseased before they mature. We just keep trying.

With true biodiversity we really do not have to do much, just allow the land to be free and the rest of nature will do more to create the forest than what we do by hand and by attempted planning.

Irish government increases forestry support

Celtic Mythology :
Near death experience reveals Celtic myths

Roisin Fitzpatrick had a brain hemorrhage and an out of body experience was revealing to her ... and she became a best selling author.

I can relate to this as similar happened to me during a stroke, similar to a hemorrhage, and the result was an out of body experience and guidance that gave me whole new seeing of the relevance of ancient sites, how they are not as sacred as us humans make them out to be, and how we actually miss out and ignore the sacred ... hence why I dumped my ancient sites tour company and became devoted to the trees. Maybe I should write this and become a best seller too :-) ... but perhaps I'm not as pretty as Roisin for that. 

Have you had an out of body experience that guided your way? 

out of body experience book

Wildlife :
The secret lives of squirrels

The different habits of red and grey squirrels, for example ...

secret life of squirrels

Sustainable Living :
Will Ireland survive on Insects soon?

Not many farmers started their careers by keeping stock of crickets, mealworms and beetles. Tara Elliott believes she could be Ireland’s first commercial insect farmer. Tara is exploring opportunities for developing an insect industry for human food and livestock feed. She says she is on a “one woman mission to get Ireland eating insects”.

insect farming

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