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Almanac ...

Rooster Call :

Woke up to an inch of snow this morning, but it soon went slushy and into melt mode. Mainly cloudy though, not much sun today, but calm, crisp sunny morning at Carrowcrory, are forecasted for at least a week from tomorrow. Still great news for people observing Imbolc sunrise, somewhere, tomorrow morning, and with a full moon setting too. Imbolc moment is 3:34 am tomorrow morning in Ireland.

Today in 'Almost Daily Blog' ...
  • What is a 'Work-Life Campus'?
  • Ireland's first Nature Kindergarten
  • Mass Extinction of The Music Of The World
  • The Harp Festival of Moons, Keadue
Back to my writing hermitage now, and its flowing well.
How are you observing Imbolc sunrise?

Weather :

Settled snow start this morning, but quickly turning slushy. But, forecasted as the last very cold day today, for awhile, at Carrowcrory, and through Ireland. May only reaching just 3C, 38F this afternoon and then diving to below -2C tonight.
Imbolc crossover time is 3:45 am tomorrow morning, 4th February here. That morning also being a time to watch sunrise at The Mound Of Hostage, Tara, or at Cairn L, Loughcrew, though the farmer is not happy about that one. Weather for then is clear frosty morning and beautiful sunrise, with full moon setting too. 

After Imbolc there seems to be a slow warming trend, but still frosty nights. Frost free nights may start to return from Wednesday morning next week. Meanwhile calm, crisp, sunny, dry days are the forecast for at least a week with a slight chance of mild sunny afternoons next weekend. There are still indications of maybe a short slump into wintery weather again during the fourth week of February, a bit later than a previous forecast. 

March is still currently looking good, warmer with good sun.    

Moon :

Full Moon 100%   ....  at Carrowcrory, Ireland ... sets 7:37 am,  rises 5:25 pm 
sunrise 8:17 am, sunset 5:16 pm  

News ...

Sustainable Living :
What is a 'Work-Life Campus'?

I tend to imagine that community projects are difficult to establish in urban areas. There are wonderful success stories but a majority of urban people seem to live seemingly automated consumer dominated lives that rely heavily on national services and international brands.

One thing about urban areas is that they have have the best internet connection services. How about if these good communication services are used as an 'engine' to support a local community network? When we 'google' we tend to get world results, maybe national results but few local results ... but this is improving.

Here is a Leopardstown, South Dublin, example. An area there, known as Central Park, is mainly high tech businesses and some apartment residents. All together there are over 3200 employees and resident in Central Park and is expected to grow to over 8000 people within 3 years. An app has been released called 'Live Work Grow'

The idea is to expand the local work and relax ethic that could become self automated, into encouraging more community culture. All members of the community, via the app, will have access to a Building Link app, designed to enable them to integrate daily tasks including dry cleaning, ordering food, running errands and prescription collection services all from the network on the app. A wide range of events are featured from entertainment to wellbeing activities. A feature is called 'Neighbour Net', where people can register their interests such as training for the marathon, or putting an event together, or sharing transport, or any meet-up cause. There's a booking service for reserving meeting rooms, or other meet-ups aids.

Will this local focus catch on?  ... orchestrated by an app?

work life campus

Forest Education :

Into The Wild, Ireland's first Nature Kindergarten

A new kindergarten in Wicklow believes nature is the best educator and prompts children to develop and learn by using all of their senses outdoors. Read this well, as this is stuff adults should still be doing too :-) 

Into The Wild school

Wildlife :
The Sound Of Silence: Mass Extinction And The Music Of The World

When Willowcrow writes a blog post, I must admit out of all of the writers I follow her posts are the ones I really sit up and pay attention to. Wonderful writing always, and stunning perceptions. Often you put into stunning words my thoughts of the same moment.

This time her passion is intense and heart flowing and essential to broadcast. Her description of clearing of the woods, for example, was a reminder of my heartache when my childhood ‘den’ of woods was taken away for development when I was 9 years old, and I wondered where the animals went.

One of my sons recently quoted that since he has lived on this planet the total wildlife on earth has reduced by 50%. I was thinking last week how my visits to forests now usually do not include any encounters with wildlife, and even birds seem scarce. As a child, I could always write a long essay about the wildlife I saw during a forest visit.

I read somewhere recently that Wildlife Trade is the 5th most profitable illegal trade. If you must know the 4 above it, drugs, counterfeit money, human trafficking and arms which all contribute to making Wildlife Trade possible, yet what's the market? Often its for 'quack' miracle medications that local plants from sustainable growing and foraging could sort out just as well. Why do we encourage this stuff and create the market?

extinct frog

Harp Music :
Yeats 150: The Harp Festival of Moons, Keadue

The 'Ice Moon' event will be at St. Ronan's Hall, Keadue, Co. Roscommon, tomorrow evening, 8 pm. This will be Paul Dooley and friends, the Keadue Harpers. This will be wonderful as often harpers in public performance can be scarce at the O'Carolan Harp Festival in summer.

No admission charge but a donation for festival expenses is taken. Oh, how I hope they have harps and singer harpers in public this summer instead of the rebel songs music they make a feature of.

This moon concert should be wonderful, but not outside as it will obviously be too cold for the harpers fingers. 

Paul Dooley at Festival Of Moons Keadue

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