7 Stories For Today - 15th May 2015

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P.S. The Rooster Posts have gone :-) 

1) Waulking The Cloth

Fulling, milling, or Waulking (in Gaelic luadh) is the technique of finishing the newly-woven cloth by soaking it and thumping it rhythmically to shrink and soften it – all done by hand in the old days. The songs served to keep the rhythm and lighten the work.

2) Sligo Farmers Markets

A listing of the three Farmer's Markets around and near Sligo town at the weekends, but this is a resource to look up Farmer's Markets all over Ireland. Please support your Farmer's Markets as one way to combat industrial chemical and corporate controlled farming. Choose your food wisely, not just for your diet but for the good of the planet. Small steps like buying choices do help. 

3) Create A Farm-Fresh First Aid Kit

While many of us pile our plates with colorful farm-fresh foods, these same foods offer healthful benefits when used to treat and prevent minor summertime ailments. Don’t let common bumps and bruises give you reason to ditch your natural health routine. Instead, swap synthetic stuff for edible, in-season first aid substitutions.

click here to read the  Modern Farmer news post

4) Think Outside The Sandbox

Picture a towering garden overflowing with native wildflowers. Add a Hobbit hole, an Ewok village, and a pirate ship all made from recycled and repurposed materials. Weave it all together with a network of winding trails and hidden treasures, and what do you get? The most fabulous natural play space you can imagine!

5) Beautiful Tiny Earth Domes of Solscape

Introducing the Solscape Earth Domes. These beautiful natural buildings are each less than 10 square meters, and sit overlooking the ocean, amongst the beautiful hills of Raglan, New Zealand. These Earth Domes were built using a technique called earth-bag construction, where sturdy sacks are filled with material such as rock, sand, and clay and then compacted down. The buildings each have a ferro cement roof and are finished off with a lime plaster.

6) How the English Invaded Ireland

You may think you know the story of how the English invaded Ireland, but this excerpt from Garvan Grant’s “True(ish) History of Ireland” sheds light on some of the subtler nuances of this dark chapter in Irish history. Funny and sad at the same time ...

7) Phamie Gow - Kindred Spirit Award For Music

Scottish singer harpist Phamie Gow was over the moon to have recently won The Kindred Spirit award for music for 2015. The award was given to musicians that have touched your heart or stirred your soul.


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