7 Stories For Today - 16th May 2015

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P.S. The Rooster Posts have gone :-) 

1) Tomorrow, Volunteer Forest Day, Farnaght, Co. Leitrim

People are being urged to go along to a Woodland Volunteer Day on the Longford/Leitrim border tomorrow, Sunday from 11 am. The Native Woodland Trust is holding the event at Farnaght Woodland Reserve. Native Woodland Trust is asking for people to lend a hand for a few hours including, fixing the tree guards on their youngest trees to ensure they’re getting maximum light.

2) Forest Bathing

I was lucky to grow-up in a place where I had access to acres of forest. Forest bathing includes walking with bare feet on the bare earth and sitting in the company of trees growing up. Getting in among the tress is always good medicine. With pavement and rubber, beneath our feet, we are easily and collectively disconnected from our earth. It’s not just forest bathing we need, but taking the time to take off our shoes and wiggle our feet in the grass and leaves ...

3) Be A Property Guardian In Ireland

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, In Ireland, but can’t afford the Dublin rental market, becoming a property guardian allows you to house sit empty buildings to save them from vandalism and disrepair until a decision is made about what to do with them. Camelot is a vacant property management company seeking tenants to occupy properties in some of Ireland’s most sought-after areas. Property owners approach Camelot with properties that are due to stand empty for considerable periods of time. These properties may be awaiting demolition, renovation, sale, letting or redevelopment. Camelot's service has now gone viral online, but its still worth checking them out, especially if you would like somewhere in NW Ireland which is not so much in demand. 

click here to read the Irish Central news report

4) Burkinabe Women Protect Shea 'gold'

The Nezeledoun resource center in Cassou village is a hive of activity, unlike the thirsty farms nearby, as women cultivate tree seedlings and vegetables here, thanks to a borehole that provides much-needed water. This center in Ziro province, 160 km south of the Burkina Faso capital Ouagadougou, was set up last year with support from international forest research bodies and Burkina Faso’s Institute for Environment and Agricultural Research (INERA). They approached Diasso Dialia, a woman from Cassou village who negotiated with middle-men buying locally produced shea butter known as “women’s gold”. They asked her to help enlist her peers to start a tree nursery in the area. Shea trees are important to Burkina Faso's economy, as they yield nuts that are crushed into a creamy yellow butter widely used in soaps, cosmetics and food. But climate change threatens to undermine this traditional business.

5) Forests Key to Eliminate Global Hunger

Major forest ecosystems could provide answer to chronic hunger and malnutrition that affects one in nine people globally. This is another article based on a report launched by the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO). This report stresses that forests have the potential to shield rural communities from hunger, poverty and poor health. “Forests are the building blocks of food security and sustainable development. There is a compelling case for community level engagement to re-imagine forests and agriculture systems,” said Assistant Secretary General for Policy at the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Thomas Gass. The report reveals that benefits of trees are manifold to include source of food for rural communities alongside vital ecosystem services like water supply and air purification. Forest products, according to the report, provide abundant supply of proteins, vitamins and minerals to the rural poor.

6) Labyrinths - Loose Stress

When you hear the word labyrinth you probably think of either David Bowie in a pair of pants that should never be permitted in a children’s film, or of a maze. But while mazes and labyrinths have become somewhat synonymous, they are actually very different things. Furthermore, where Bowie thrusting at you in ‘Magic Dance’ may give you nightmares to this day, labyrinths are actually supposed to be places of peace, quiet and zen. The most important distinction to draw between a maze and a labyrinth is that while a maze is a puzzle to be solved, how to get out, a labyrinth is a single path without dead ends or a wrong way. The path leads you to the centre, which is halfway, and then takes you back out again. Some doctors have referred patients to head to their local maze in favour of prescribing medication to reduce stress and anxiety.

7) Crestleaf – An Outstanding Genealogy Website

Sifting through family history resources and genealogy websites can be a daunting task if you are one of the many Americans eager to trace their roots. If you are one of the 33.3 million Americans of Irish ancestry help is close at hand.  The good folks at Crestleaf have compiled a list of 70 Irish ancestry resources to help you on your journey of family discovery and ancestral reconnection.


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