7 Stories For Today - 20th May 2015

On some days I am posting recent stories on
  • Food Forests
  • Forest Relaxation
  • Local Food Hubs
  • Permaculture
  • and some other interests

1) Bealtaine Living Earth Festival 

This is the first year that the Native Woodland Trust of Ireland will be taking part in the Bealtaine Living Earth Festival at their Gracedieu Community Woodland for the festival on Saturday 23rd May from 12 to 2pm. The Native Woodland Trust is an environmental charity dedicated to the protection of Ireland's rare native and ancient woodland. The Trust achieves this by setting up woodland reserves around the country, such as Waterford's Gracedieu Reserve. This reserves network allows the Trust to protect existing woodland as well as plant new native woodland for the future. Read more ...

2) E-Farmer's Market

Interesting idea, order wholesome local food and crafts online through this Ireland portal and have the order delivered to the door. Much better than ordering imported items and rubbish items ... but why cut out the wonderful social interaction with traders at the market. Perhaps this is a good idea for people stranded at home with no transport but still with internet services, which i may well be, myself, within a month or two. Not many entries in this portal yet, but watch it grow quickly.
... please check it out ...

3) Feeling Anxious? Make a Labyrinth!

If you click through the link to the full post, you can see both a how-to and some visuals of labyrinths already made. Using them can be inspiring and calming. So if  you’re stressed, why not give it a try? The pic above the link gives instructions for building a simple but very popular classic Cretan Labyrinth.

click here to read the Crafts And Hobbies blog post

4) Eat My Words, Food Waste Rap

A group of students in London are raising awareness about the massive problem of food waste by putting their thoughts to a beat and rapping about the issue in a song they wrote and performed called “Eat My Words—Don’t Waste.” - so, as they say, check it out, uh-hah ..

5) Tulsa Residents Plant Food Forest

Some residents of Tulsa Ok set a goal to set up aa food forest. This is something they believe is necessary for residents of north Tulsa as many of whom do not have easy access to grocery stores. Nathan Pickard, their elected vice president said,  “When I read the book, Restoration Agriculture by Mark Shepherd, I thought it would be amazing to do a permaculture project like this, but we didn’t have the land.”. Then I thought ‘Here’s this land that’s totally wasted right outside our neighborhood.’” Pickard joined other association members on a Saturday morning to plant more than 500 trees, including Chinese chestnut, pecan, plum, mulberry, cherry, apple, pine and jujube red date trees. How many neighbourhoods have done this or will do this, especially neighbourhoods now well away from stores?  ... read more ...

6) Turned Down $1.8m To Protect Miami Ancient Well

Meet Ishmael Bermudez and Burke Keogh, the remarkable couple who turned down $1.8m to protect a Miami Florida 'sacred well and site' from developers. Ishmael Bermudez, who has Native American ancestry and uses the name Golden Eagle, and his partner, Burke Keogh, who is an artist, revealed they had turned down offers of up $1.8m to sell their plot because they believe in it as a sacred water well site. Some people think their decision was crazy but this couple believe their critics are insane. The impassioned Ishmael said he was disappointed by the media’s fixation with the matter of money, rather than his motivation for not selling. He said wanted to keep hold of the property because he believed it was a site sacred to the Tequesta tribe, and also to draw attention to the world’s ongoing pollution of water sources. He said there were at least seven wells located in the back garden of his wooden home, where he has cleaned away the soil to show what he says is the limestone floor of pre-historic sea. One spring, which he discovered in 1969, provides the couple’s drinking and bathing water. “Yes, you can drink it. We drink it all the time,” said Burke Keogh, who said she was of Irish origin. “It keeps the body cool and helps you to dream. That water is never hot, no matter how warm the Miami summer gets.” Read more of this remarkable story and click the links to a remarkable set of photographs of their finds here ... 

7) 5 Cheapest Houses On Sale in Ireland

These listings were on Daft.ie a couple of weeks ago, so sorry I delayed sharing these ... but they may still be available. The propery in Carrick, Co. Donegal near Slieve League and Glencolumcille looks like it has potential ...


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