7 Stories For Today - 22nd May 2015

On some days I am posting recent stories on
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  • and some other interests

1) Tree Marriage Rites

Maybe after equality with humans has been established, in partnerships, maybe equality for partnerships with Trees ???

2) Hawthorn, Whitethorn, May Blossom

During mid May, the fresh green of the hedgerows is now frosted with layers of white hawthorn blossom that lie on the branches like snow. This shows that the fullness of summer is on its way. Hawthorn, whitethorn or May blossom has a special place in Irish mythology. Many rag trees near holy wells are hawthorn. Their fragrance is also said to tease the wombs of women ... read on ...

3) Walk Of Wonder

If you go for a walk along Ireland's lanes, and especially into the woodlands, you will be stunned by all of the Irish wildflowers flourishing in the verges, along hedgerows and arround trees. It will also seem as if nobody else seems to notice or care.  Do I just walk around with my eyes closed? Why do we never notice this thriving diversity crowding our roadsides, hedges and woodlands. Step out and notice them before the are gone ... read on ...

click here to read the Ali Isaac Storyteller blog post

4) Spirit Animals, Snake

Every culture of man has more than one myth about a snake. Most societies have a creation myth including a snake. Few animals reign supreme like the snake in man’s psyche. To complicate things further, there are nearly 3,000 species of snakes in the world. They live in a wide variety of habitats from jungle to desert and can offer helpful pest control and carry deadly venom. The symbolism of snake is considerably different depending on the species. If you’ve done any research at all about snake symbolism, your mind is likely twisted up in knots. One reference will call the snake spirit animal a bearer of good luck, rain, fertility, intense power, and abundance. The next will warn against bad fortune, liars, sin, and great suffering ... read on to discover more ...

5) Lost In Leitrim

A visit to Leitrim is full of surprises. Fowley’s Falls, Rossinver, is one of them ... read on to find out more about Leitrim's treasures ...

6) Knocknarea And Queen Maeve

For a scenic interlude, being around and onb top of the magnificent Knocknarea in County Sligo is a good choice. At the top of the mountain sits a giant rocky cairn otherwise known as “Queen Maeve’s grave” ... read more of the blog post to discover more ...

7) Scientists Think You Shouldn’t Use Non-Stick

A group of 200 scientists just published a wide-ranging criticism of the category of chemicals used to create non-stick, grease-proof and waterproof coatings. Will it get us to stop using non-stick pans? The Madrid Statement, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, is a series of statements and recommendations made by more than 200 scientists and various other health and safety professionals about a common class of manmade chemicals known as PFASs, which stands for, alternately, polyfluoroalkyl substances and perfluoroalkyl substances. These are otherwise known as highly fluorinated chemicals. They rely on carbon-fluorine bonds, which are extremely strong, and are thus used to keep various things from sticking to other various things—water from infiltrating clothes, pizza grease from soaking through the cardboard pizza box, and steak from sticking to the pan, for example. But ??? ... read on ...


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