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Lights, Camera, & 6 Minutes Of Local Fame

Irish TV called to ask me to give a guided tour of Céis Caves. I was reluctant and thinking this is for a geologist or archaeologist to do ... But then remembered our local intent to push Keash Tourism. Above pic courtesy of Irish TV is an excellent modern style media company that combines production services with satellite channel, fibre cable channel and Internet broadcasts. They produce short films, live broadcasts and audio services that get distributed worldwide to where there is Ireland interest and their productions are also syndicated into several popular programmes around the world. Overall,, they are like RTE's Nationwide programme spread into an entire channel and syndicated services. The crew that met up with me for the afternoon were presenter Claire, cameraman Ciaran and sound person Siofra. Directing and props was a team effort by those present and I am not sure who handles the production stage. I liked their excellent portability. P

7 Stories For Today - 12th June 2015

On some days I am posting recent stories on Food Forests Forest Relaxation Local Food Hubs Permaculture and some other interests 1) Are Allergy Myths Making You Malnourished? It seems most visitors to Carrowcrory, from the USA, now have some kind of dietery preference that omits certain foods. Reports are now being published stating that such strict diets are putting people at risk of malnutrition. Are allergy myths making you malnourished? The use of home-testing kits, over-diagnosis by doctors and self-diagnosis were among reasons blamed by Sense About Science’s new guide, 'Making Sense of Allergies'. Time to dispel many myths about food? Read more ... click here to read the Irish Examiner news feature 2) Bhutan, Most Trees Planted In One Hour Bhutanese people made a statement of their love of nature by setting the Guinness World Records title for Most Trees Planted in One Hour in the country's capital Thimphu. A team of

Our Precious Sacred Water

These diagrams launched me into a lot of thought, especially of Native and Permaculture Food Forestry vs Beef Farming ... The Earth is a closed enclosed system that operates with cycles and spirals, and nothing is linear. I can never believe the 'New Age' mantra of 'infinite abundance' as that sounds so awfully selfish and consuming, and elitist idealism. I believe that every action we do should be instinctively responded to as being part of these cycles. Do we wish to harm this?

Is Internet Free? Does Messaging Consume The World?

I have just received a message critical of my posting of requesting donations for Bards In The Woods. I get this from time to time. In the argument I am told that the internet is 'free' and asked "so, as Bards In The Woods is free, why are you asking for money?". I suppose the ease of posting through social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc., gives the impression it is all FREE. We pay our monthly fees for the infrastructure, being the use of redundant copper telephone cables, rentals of satellite space, receiver-transmitters in fields and hill-tops and the ongoing laying and connecting of fibre optic cables worldwide to make all of this faster. Once that month fee is paid many of us feel its our 'right' for all online services, thereafter, to be free. Before people started emailing in droves from the mid 80s, though perhaps for most people it was mid 90s onwards, we messaged through using a telephone and were charged by the minut