7 Stories For Today - 12th June 2015

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1) Are Allergy Myths Making You Malnourished?

It seems most visitors to Carrowcrory, from the USA, now have some kind of dietery preference that omits certain foods. Reports are now being published stating that such strict diets are putting people at risk of malnutrition. Are allergy myths making you malnourished? The use of home-testing kits, over-diagnosis by doctors and self-diagnosis were among reasons blamed by Sense About Science’s new guide, 'Making Sense of Allergies'. Time to dispel many myths about food? Read more ...

2) Bhutan, Most Trees Planted In One Hour

Bhutanese people made a statement of their love of nature by setting the Guinness World Records title for Most Trees Planted in One Hour in the country's capital Thimphu. A team of 100 volunteers got their hands deep in the ground to plant a total of 49,672 trees in just 60 minutes, smashing the previous record by nearly 10,000. Read more here ... 

3) 15 Trees That Will Drop Your Jaw

Obviously, without trees we wouldn’t have much oxygen, atmosphere, or the beauty of the various kinds of trees. They are the green pillars that provide us a home and environment in which we can be people. Gaze upon their beauty, dancing in the wind, watching and observing as time flies by. These are the support beams of nature. Bringing balance everywhere across the globe just by existing. Thank you trees! Read more and enjoy the pics ... 

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4) 15 Edible Plants To Grow in Your Apartment

Imagine rising with the sun and tending to your crops. While growing plants in a busy city might seem like an impossible task, there are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that can thrive in your urban space, no backyard required. Read on ...

5) Can Forests Help Feed the World?

Reports predict nine billion people will live on our planet by 2050. They say by that time demand for food will be two times what it is now. There are worries about that prediction because many people today already suffer from a lack of food. More than 800 million people go to bed hungry each day. A solution may be as close as our forests if they are properly managed. Read on ...

6) Introducing Ox-Eye Daisies

Summer is really here when the ox-eye daisies come into flower. Their bright, white blooms grow in profusion in all the wildflower areas ... read on ...

7) How To Recharge Meetings

How 'Forest Bathing' can turn dull tiresome business meetings into a success ... read on ...


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