The Oak Tree That Went Viral

The Oak Tree That Went Viral
- by Woodland Bard

I posted a picture of an Oak Tree today,
On Facebook.

Many 'friends' said they like my Oak Tree picture.
I know because they clicked ‘like’.
Some clicked, ‘wow’, ‘yay’, and even ‘sad’ by mistake.

Many people shared my Oak Tree picture
On their Facebook page,
Including many people who did not click ‘like’.

I was poked by many people who wanted me to
‘like’ their picture of my Oak Tree picture
On Facebook, on Twitter too,
And serving as a background to a hip hop song on YouTube,
And sequenced as a loop on Vibe,
And debated academically on Linked In

My Oak Tree picture came back to me with Graffiti over it;
Telling me to love trees,
Plant a tree.,
Asking me to hug it,
Telling me it will soon be extinct,
Telling me it really is the tree of life.

Blogs appeared on Wordpress and Blogger
Informing me how my Oak Tree is,
The heart of earth saving permaculture,
The doorway to the goddess, and,
Yes, someone photoshopped a door on the bottom of it’s trunk,
To prove that fairies live there,
And there is even a chimney on the side of it’s trunk,
smoking from a cozy fire
And there’s now a window with miniature linen curtains too.

1.5 billion  people had liked and shared my Oak Tree pic,
And there were even several online Skype courses
Offering life changing guidance from the secret messages
Of the Oak tree in my pic … for a fee.

So I thought ...
What a good idea it would be to invite some people
for a picnic around this Oak Tree.
I actually know where it is, because I took the photograph.

I posted an invitation to share a picnic by the oak tree
On Facebook Events, and on Twitter too.

Lots of  people replied
And they were so excited
And could not wait to have a picnic by this now very famous Oak Tree.

Some asked if they could bring their gongs, sound bowls and flutes,
Bring prayer reefs to hang,
Bring sacred waters to bless the now famous Oak Tree.

I was asked for directions,
Sub directions,
GPS co-ordinates,
And was then told that none of this was understandable.

I was asked about the weather,
The sitting surface on seats,
And was it ok to arrive 30 minutes late.

The excitement,
The momentum,
The urgency,
The unity of spirit,
And expectations of soul searching fulfilment
blasted through the virtual media

And yes, it was virtual!
Nobody turned up
To commune with this famous multi billion views Oak Tree,

Friends of friends said they knew of a better oak tree,
So they went there instead,
Only to find it had fallen, sawn up and taken away.

Many Facebook friends, and friends of friends
Sent me texts and messages to say they were with us in spirit
And could I post more pictures please,
Of this Oak Tree seen by billions
Who have never touched, smelled, heard or hugged
This Oak Tree in my picture
Or any other Oak Tree
Just in case it was a scam, or maybe carried a Virus.


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