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Diwali or Samhain on this Dark Moon Night?

New Moon time today was 5:47 pm in Ireland and UK. A few people have brought my attention to today, 11th, November 2015, which is a Remembrance Day, New Moon Day, Dark Moon Day and a day of Diwali, which is a Hindu generated Festival of Lights. Diwali is a beautiful festival, the biggest and brightest of all of the Hindu celebrations, but why am I hearing a lot more about it from more people this year than  ever before? Is this partially to detour attention from Remembrance of those fallen from battles? That is really a huge alternative topic that I will not include here. Hearing so much about Diwali actually causes me to have a 'flee from it' reaction, despite its beauty and relevance that I am certainly not fleeing from. I will rant  about this for a wee while now before talking of that which is known as Diwali. With many thoughtful things that bring our attention to seasons, weather and the interactions of nature, and our part of all of this, seem to be paid

Yeats' Women

It was a packed room for a performance of Yeats' Women, a show hosted at Woodford House on Sarurday, 7th, November. An audience of 52 people in a venue for 50, but it seemed like everyone was comfortable. I had no thoughts about what this show would be but it turned out to be quite unique. There were three performers, left to right, actors Daniel Costello and Glynis Casson with singer harpist Claire Roche to the right. The were in a row wearing elegant formal clothes in. Setting that was elegant and formal yet beautifully warmed and glowed with rows of candlelight. They looked like as if they were to serve a live broadcast of a story on the BBC in the 50s. All that was missing was the large ribbon mics. The show commenced with Claire Roche singing a popular W.B. Yeats poem that she has set to song, 'Lake Isle Of Innisfree'. Glynis continued with a story of how WB's parents came together through challenges and poverty leading up to the birth of WB a