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Celts Art And Identity

We went to this special exhibition at The British Museum London as it was in its closing days, finishing Sunday 31st. January. The last minute advance bookings were understandably selling out fast. Fortunately, we got a late morning booking and it was not too crowded. The attempt of the exhibition, mainly sponsored by the Scottish Museum, was to attempt to bring some clarity to what we call Celts and Celtic today, how that 'identity' has happened,  and how this has been interpreted during the last 6000 years through art and crafts. My review here is quite wordy with few of my own pics as the museum staff were quite enforcing against the taking of photos. I managed to sneak a few pics with my iPad. The exhibition started by explaining what was not 'Celtic' in ancient times to illustrate how broad we use that word today. There was a flash upon Greek culture as being the ordered remains of science, maths and scribed literature passed along from the Babylonian