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Tao Of Now, A Garden at Bloom 2016

With this third report of my reviews of Bloom 2016 I am going to share my experiences and feelings of the Tao Of Now garden that Claire Roche and I was invited to perform within the garden by Claire Power and Vispi Shroff. Also present as an energetic equal participant was Fergus Hogan, who was also a continuous encouragement. Introducing the Garden That was the signage at the top of the yurtie kind of tent. This was the side sign giving us an introduction to the involvement by Eight Oaks Holistic of Waterford. Here's a quick pic of the Tao Of Now Garden, that I will tall you all about shortly. Fiann O'Nuallian was the Tao Of Now garden designer. I'll introduce you to him through a pic now ... You will notice that Fiann is holding one of his 'Holistic Gardener' books The concept of the Tao Of Now garden was to demonstrate how most people can create a sanctuary garden for the purpose of retreat and mindfulness. It was small urban garden spa

Show Gardens of Bloom 2016, My Thoughts ...

The Gardens of Blooms 2016. Here we were at at the Bloom 2016 ShowGardens with its wonderful creations, inspirations, dedications and passions that were revealed for us all to share. Being able to see the gardens close up was difficult during the peak times of Noon until 3 pm each day. With patience you would find yourself at the front, and looking on at each garden with wonder, awe and admiration. My own times of looking at these gardens, so I could tell you about them, were Thursday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, and during the lovely gold light of each day between 5 pm and the closing time of 6 pm. Even so, now that I am at home looking at my photograph collection from Bloom, I have discovered that I did not capture all of the Show Gardens on camera. With some gardens I looked on with wonder and a kind of dreaming, so the thought of recording a pic or two just did not come to me. I must also also condemn my bias, a bit, as I interpreted there being three types of gar