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new videos on the Woodland Barding Weekly channel ... added recently Ur The Heather from Ogma's Tale Of The Trees , fshared here in the Tree Labyrinth as it was going to be on our Bards In The Woods at Deerpark video, but did not record. Here is is followed by Claire Roche singing Wild Mountain Thyme accompanied by plants in Spring in the Tree Labyrinth Garden.. Benefits Of Winter Heather - Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens , The nutrition of Wild Heather Flowers, and a small tea ceremony, plus a tour of what's happening in the three Labyrinth Gardens today, 10th March 2017 You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive : Boris Widukind Achenbach , Boris in fine singing form here, with a Darren Scott song, an excerpt from Woodland Barding & Picnic at Deerpark, that I hope to have ready for you in full next week. Me at the beginning was just before Ur The Heather was cut off :-)  More from Boris - here sharing Big Claus and Little Clau