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Granted, the weather may sometime not seem a welcoming element, but I do not mind some wind, or a light showers. Midges poke my patience, but they are not around all day. It's summer in Ireland, usually not too hot or too cold, but a 'comfort'.  This is a season when I spend some time each day, spent laying somewhere, within one of the Labyrinth Gardens here.   Being a weather lore fan I lay looking up at the clouds dancing while listening to the birds. Clouds change their 'images' quickly and set off new imaginative visions. They are amazing storytellers. Do nothing but this for an hour, and through that time breathing deepens! calm cloaks, and sense of awareness becomes very fine tuned. No mobile phone. I never miss anything exciting on that. Meanwhile there are blossoms out that I may have missed, a frog jumping, a bird hunting, bees buzzing, landing and working. The slow ritual, the personal break, personal brake. The guilt police may hurl 'pointl