While cutting onions, and their released zest bringing me to tears, I sometimes think that is an incredible image of human spiritual journey.

Its as if each layer of onion is the shedding of limiting habits, routine, and guilt jangling belief systems. Perhaps ‘think outside the box’ should be ‘think outside the onion’, and I have yet to work out what ‘push the envelope’ is all about.

Ahh, our journey to Clarity? 

Our quest to lose baggage and disconnected gunk in our minds?

Our eternal questions about ‘truth’ and ‘reality’, as if we can manicure them into a nice clean airy light glass closet in our mind.

Identity? That entanglement of ideas that we work to click together like a Lego building project.

Through all of this weaving we seem to know who we are but struggle to find ways to express this through words and deeds. Overall, this is the major motivation on humans to constantly make things.

As I write this, it is winter, I contracted an infection that bedbounded me so I spent the time allowing inspiration to flow through freeflow nonsense writing plus composing and arranging all kinds of 2 to 16 bars of music. Now recovering, trying to match this together like a jigsaw puzzle or lego project. This article I am writing now is one of those pursuits.

Hmm, is Lego an extension of the word Ego, or even £ego, rattles around my brain.

Assembling these building blocks of expressions from ideas we may holistically explain as ‘actualising’. Though it seems to be difficult to keep that word in thoughts when getting past the 10th editing session of a book we are trying to release.

With the book done, or painting done, or lecture rehearsed, we may feel the expression is a highly spiritualised achievement. We have been the medium for a guiding spirit to ‘channel’ through us.

... and that guiding spirit has a name! These days, its a name that 99% of the population we contact cannot pronounce. Gone are the vaudeville and Victorian guide names such as Cyril, Benedict, Bartholomew, George, and Matthew, (no girl’s names, of course). 

I think book editing, and touching up lecture content, becomes a realm of realising the limiting nature of our encapsulated content. It becomes the muddle of becoming aware that our ‘belief’ is actually something other than what has been placed into our encapsulated content. Hmm, unravel that sentence for a moment ...

One thing we may identify through our creative pursuits is how our personally diagnosed spiritual belief systems inhibit our life’s experience.

Well, I actually ‘believe’ that without a motivation of belief we humans would not be here as we are. Where would many of us be without Santa, as an example.

I think we mould images from the precious consciousness pool we came from, that ‘pool’ being a belief too, and then cling to those images as part of our identity.

We may call this ultra spiritual, attunement, 
or something spiritually exotic 
for the moments we share this. 

Through this consciousness to ego ‘spiritual process’, its a huge effort to drop of beliefs, because I ‘believe’ if we hold onto a belief ... it becomes a religion.

How about each moment flowing unconditionally without us attempting to net and cling to some ideas to contain them in an expression. We seem to live to sustain our identity by archiving our moments. I do, and explain this away as being human.

Archiving, the transformation of experience into the realm of controlling. Then we break out, be free, then do it all again.

During some Tree Labyrinth sessions I describe this as living like a snake, shedding our old snakeskin time and time again.

We are human though. We are storytellers. I think too many people suppress this flow through them due to guilt branded by controls of others who insist we follow their stories

I enjoy a wee read of Facebook morning and evening and I rudely chuckle as some of the posts based on personal revelations such as ‘I heal the planet (sometimes it’s the Universe)’, ‘I feel the planet’s (Universe’s) energies and it is healing me’. It seems to be a concept of ‘what I feel, is what is healing’.

Before there was international social media this expression was more local such as ‘this is what we do, we think, around here’ ... meaning that’s what the person thought, and automatically believed everyone else nearby was thinking and feeling the same.

The most awkward one, that I still have not constructed a profound template response for, is something like “My awareness is beyond what most people, such as yourself, are able to access. I am on a higher plane than most people”.

Sometimes my response is, “now, what would happen if you let go of that?”  ... and sometimes that person may get a little bit angry at that ‘low life’ suggestion.

I ‘believe’ that during any moment, none of our beliefs really mean anything, or even matter. They are wonderful components for story though, and for me, story is a wonderful flow for human existence.

Seeing as we do not have words for truth, why not create a wonderful woven imagery tapestry of ‘lies’ and let the honest connecting bits between the words guide us? However, I think it is unhealthy to be guided by other people’s stories, yet it is very nourishing to listen to them.

Through listening I feel we can discover and instantly know things about our ongoing living, without feeling a need to mould it into our identity, then defend it!

On Facebook we may present ourselves as a starseed from an infinite dimension that is here as an empath to save the world!

But through each moment we know this doesn’t matter, because more important is to eat the pizza slice beside the computer before it gets cold, or defend the pizza from the cat with empathic smell with intent to steal it.

Does this thing called ‘ego’ sneak up and control our spiritual journey rather than just let us experience it?

During the tourism work I do visitors battle between taking photos and full sensory experience. That’s very much me and my behaviour too.

Human ‘ego’ is part of us and as ancients we invented and calibrated time and space to assist use of this. Today many of us believe time and space are actual realms we can travel through and recreate ... and do this much better than being in present moments as they happen.

Our egos seem to wear spiritual masks to support and defend our spiritual identities so people may think we are awesome.

Can we switch off control of our spiritual process, 
and just simply experience it? 

Imagine if we knew nothing about anything, and simply experienced each moment as it is? How profound living would become? Hard to imagine really ... because we are human.

Though it seems to anger people, I think it is perfectly ok to express, “I have no idea who I am, or what I am doing here”, as by doing so we detach any need to keep our story straight. To me, this is the meaning of being present in each present moment.

Enjoy being both the storyteller and the storyteller’s audience ... without being chained to a ritual, order, or expectation. Woodland Bard event dates Please support our Labyrinth Gardens work as a Patron
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