Have I Seen Fairies?

Because I live in Ireland
I am often asked
Have I seen fairies.
Yes says I, ... and they are invisible

Describe one, I am then asked.
Ok, first you need a pool of water.
It seems that the holy spring wells are best for this.
Stare into the water and wait awhile.

The fairy fae will then appear
And it may surprise you.
No image of youth as you count
The engraved lines across the fae’s brow.

It’s darkened face lightens to grey,
Shocked to see you, mouth open,
As if to swallow you,
No words are spoken.

Wait awhile, the fae's mouth will slowly close,
And a fae's smile will embrace you
With warmth of a rising sun.
You will discover you also smile back.

Say hello, and hear an echo of hello bounce back.
You may wave to offer a fellowship of friendship,
And the wave back to you is not from a dainty hand,
But of one mature and hardened from labour just as your's is.

They say, that if the wise fae of the pool
Rises to you  from its realm of bubbling life blessing water
And leaves with you, towards a setting sun,
Nobody will ever see you again ...

Until, perhaps, they visit that bubbling pool
Of the spring well, and think of you.

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