Return Of The Invisible Friend

This is about my favourite Tree Labyrinth quest that I invite walkers to tune in with. This is an experience of allowing our minds to become quiet, become present, and allow sensory love to flow.

When this happens, maybe the awareness of the question being asked is now getting guidance. Guidance seemingly flowing through a guardian angel, spirit guide ... or return of the invisible friend from our childhoods.

As a child, our invisible friend shared our wonder 

... of singing with birds, chasing rabbits, interpreting the clouds, and visualising our destiny in our sand pit or pool of mud. Our invisible friend verified the alchemy of our childhood magic.

Sadly, we were sent to school with curriculums designed to create order within us and dissolve and wipe out this magic.

For many of us there were also churches doing similar. There were spankings if we tried to break away from bathing and being groomed into this order. All that washing, and combing. Lectures about growing up, being responsible, respecting elders, even when being beaten and genitals fondled.

Our gauntlet into a society of square heads, clean cut, conservatism on the outside, and horrific perversions inside.

Our invisible friend was our only hope for sanity, 

... understanding, and still encouraging some connection to the magic away, to take us away from this cloning transformation.

Where were the invisible friends of those ‘respectable’ adults who were trying to pervert us into being like them?

How could anyone have the spirit and divinity to wash out and comb out the happiness and joy of a child? Yes, there is also plenty of “not fair”, “I want”, “he did it”, “she messed it up” shrieks, very quickly followed by laughter and wonder again.

Children are much more present than adults

... with far less to distract their minds from the present realm.

As we became branded, accepted, and adopted the ideas, beliefs, and lifestyle of our parents, our teachers, we entered into the world of being told what to do. We were told what we should and should not be.

Bit by bit, our magic from consciousness connection, and sensory perception, was diluted and dissolved away. We became moulded into ‘images’ that we were convinced was more appropriate for the world.

What I am describing here is the upbringing of my generations and generations before. It seems that the generations of my own children and grandchildren have loosened this up beautifully. Some have become teachers trying to sustain and encourage childhood magic, but doing this while being at war with conservative school boards.

The current far right movement 

... seems to be urging a return to the cloned order too.

Acquisitions and possessions never work. We think items may fulfil us more. Soon, they lead us to more wants and desires, and we end up owning more things that ‘break down’ and bring on more stress, fatigue, and unhappiness.

As we mature, especially after having family that have matured, we question why things do not feel right. We go onto quests to seek out and identify our spirituality to discover our divine calling.

What does spirituality tell us to do? 

Careful now, as this question can also cause us to enter groups, cults, that also tell us what to do, how to live our lives, under a cloak that we believe is spirituality.

I passionately believe we eventually reach a point in our lives when we become aware that we need to go back to how we were before our culture demanded we did as we are told, and how we should be.

One lovely discovery is realising that the earth is still a place of magic and wonder. It never changed. We changed, and tried to change the earth too.

One natural skill I think we forget is how, as children, we were storytellers. We could pick up a stick, feel it, and tell a story about it. Our cuddly toys and other toys had names and we continued their daily stories too.

Things we saw, flowers, trees, animals, all had amazing stories we could tell. Often there were fairies surrounding them.

We would lay in bed and it would become a boat, horse, aeroplane, or spaceship. We could take it anywhere, and always into the realm of our sleeping dreams.

As a child, imagination was real. 

Our invisible friend was real. Consciousness inside flowing through us abundantly. Everything constantly seemed new and exciting.

Can we return to that? The eyes, sensory feelings, and interpretation like our child-self again?

Can we make our life that simple and uncomplicated again? Find joys in our moments rather than past memories that can hold us back and a future we try to grasp as an escape?

With our invisible friend we do not hang on to conversations. We are not forged into guilt of what we said yesterday, in the past, because someone remembered it word for word and keeps reminding us. Our invisible friend is not our diviner of the future, nor the bringer of acquisition fortunes.

Sadly, as adults, we have become conditioned to a curse of believing that life has to be hard and complicated. We shower this belief through endless hours of worry about things that never happen, and things that we can never change.

Joy and happiness in every moment 
is there for us to be part of. 

Yes there are moments that seem undesirable, but they are guaranteed to pass. Its like the child who screams “not fair” one moment, then laughs the next. Sun to clouds to sun again.

Children are not born as stereotyped clones or with belief systems. They do not think about race or have allegiance to a political party.

Can we get back to that? Could we see and feel humans without putting labels on them first. Can the return of our invisible friend help us to be like that again?

It seems all we need to know is the love flowing through us and connecting with this love.

Emotion is not resisted when we learn to truly feel again. We stop feeling bad about our emotions or denying that they are there and flowing.

When we stop feeling that emotions and love are bad we prevent that thing we call emotional blockages. We stop holding and nurturing resentments, discriminations, and grudges

It doesn’t matter how many years of our living has have passed we could still unfold and be that child who has a pet bug with a name and a story.

Let your inner child come out and play. You may be surprised by the wisdom, awareness and understanding that returns to you.

A child recognises no nation, perhaps only their tribe ... and they dance. 

Many people using our Tree Labyrinth Garden have found trust returns, their invisible friend returns, and the magic story has returned. The past is done, the present is bright, and the future is trusted. Woodland Bard event dates Please support our Labyrinth Gardens work as a Patron
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