Spiralling Fear Back To Love

This is the first of two articles exploring more into the labyrinth experiences offered here at the Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens, especially the Tree Labyrinth.

Some of the lovely compliments and feedback we receive is visitors describing how they discovered their fears, guilt and shame floating away and replaced with a renewed, peace, connection, and love too ... so I would like to explore that here.

Fear is quite an open topic these days, 

... with our leaders focused on holding us together through fearmongering more than ever.

Its as if they covertly let snakes loose into our lives, then openly campaign that they can get rid of our snakes. They promise to do this in return for us supporting them on their journey to acquisitions.

Holistic, alternative therapy, and well being people talk a lot about ‘energy’ and ‘energies’. They talk about this to describe the presence of objects as well as people, and of places and spaces they stand in. They speak about light energies, dark energies, clear energies, confused energies, high vibration energies, low vibration energies, etc.

There’s also chat about all of this happening in the quantum realm.

I can feel uncomfortable with these conversations as it seems boundaries are often set up defining good and bad, black and white, hot and cold, etc.. It’s as if two energies have entered a boxing ring.

I do believe in spectrums, though, and so does science. 

I would like to keep this article as ‘art’, though, not science.

Thinking of vibrations in colour, the highest and fastest vibrations are white, and the slowest vibrations slow down to stillness and are black. Then there are all those colours and their light and dark shades too.

Some holistics and shamany folk may describe the low and black section as ‘fear’, and the fast white section as ‘love’. I do not vision a spectrum as end to end but a spectrum being cyclable and manifesting as fractal creations. I will go into this through my next article.

As a cycle this spectrum is like night and day, summer and winter. The cycle keeps going from one to the other and back again. With this in mind I find it hard to classify fear as a dark place. It may well be if a spectrum has a beginning and end, but to me that indicates that fear and love fall into end games?

When fear is with us, it can seem dark. I do not regard dark as fear, but as fear being our chosen response to dark.

Each time there is dark there is stillness, 
and each time there is light there is a lot going on. 

Thinking of winter to summer, and night to day, this is what happens.

If we vision the stiller, quieter, part of the spectrum, the dark phase, we seem to associate this space, or realm, to ‘blockages’, blocked energy, stuck energy, energy not flowing through us.

Again, I do not think this is an energy matter, but is response to our decisions of how to be in that slower, quieter, phase of the spectrum.

I believe we are conditioned to fear dark phases, fear our shadow. The dark phase is hades, hell, devil’s lair, so we are told ... and believe. We seem to choose to not only do as we are told but believe what we are told.

An inner fear, guilt, or shame state can manifest as a physical undesirable, even an increasing disability.

So what if ‘fear’ can be transformed into ‘love’, 

... would that seem to unblock a lot within us?

An entry point is becoming aware of what annoys or angers us in the presence of another person, a place, or objects. If this fearful thought keeps returning, then we become aware that we do not want this. The best reaction is to manifest a way to deal with this and bring personal calm.

An unresolved reaction is to push down these fearful, guilty, and shame reactions, and hope to never feel them again. Unfortunately, these feelings do re-erupt, and at times we least want them to.

Eruptions are actually very good, and hopefully without violence. At best they are like having a good shite or fart. If you did not shite or fart, you could get ill if you suppressed these eliminations.

When people, places, and objects, piss us off, these are usually mirrors to us of toxic feelings we needs to eliminate to smooth us out.

To make this better its worth contemplating how to relieve ourselves of fear, guilt and shame, from the dark phase, in a more appropriate sanctuary space?

A Reiki practitioner can be a great place to start. Sound therapists are good for this too. Others are crystal workers, and colour workers,

I offer this through a session or two at our Tree Labyrinth Garden and Herb Labyrinth Garden. These combine the calming and peacefulness of labyrinth walking with the connection to trees and plants, and fractal synthesis with nature.

With any of these wellness therapies some people can work out the elimination of their fears, guilt, and shame by themselves. All they needed was the space and calm, then they know exactly what to do.

Other people need guidance and mentoring with these tools. If this is you, it really needs a one on one service, not a group retreat or workshop. This is best done as a mentor guide and client relationship.

Whether you can do this by yourself, or need guidance, there is no quick fix.

The idea of ‘quick fix’ is always attractive, as we love what seems to be the easiest. There’s a bit of a risk of believing and entering into a ‘cross the therapist’s palm with silver ... and the therapist will take it all away” conundrum.

The ‘secret to success’ of excreting our fears, guilt, and shame, if for us to actually feel us shiting it out. Yes, there may be constipation with this more than diarrhoea, and I am speaking metaphorically, not of the physical stuff.

However, unlike our physical shite that goes off to a sewerage or composting system to transform, we become the composters and transform that released fear, guilt and shame into a pool of love.

What a huge release and relief when that happens! 

I could have used other physical metaphors there ... but I will leave that to your imagination.

Oh, another constipation cause during this transformation is when we cast stubborn judgement upon ourselves. Those self-sabotage thoughts.

We are all equal with this. We all get fears, guilt and shame, and we all need to flush them out from time to time. We do not judge the aptitude of people by how often they shite.

To conclude and compress this rant, its all about working ourselves to connect, be present, and be aware. Its a work out just like a physical work out.

With a physical work out we become leaner, have more stamina, and feel good about ourselves.

With a ‘feelings’ work out we become less cluttered mentally and emotionally, have far less fear, guilt, and shame, and even none of these, and we feel in love especially with ourselves.

Now the holistics, energy workers, lightworkers, etc. may suggest this is about rising from dark to light.

To me this is balancing our light, dark, and all of the shades of grey in between. There is as much love in the dark, and the greys, as in the light. We accept the cycle.

Try this out at our Labyrinth Gardens, anyone’s labyrinths, reiki practitioner, sound therapist, or crystal or colour worker.

Obviously I prefer Labyrinth Gardens myself as this is spiralling from fear to love, is outside, and includes nature spirit connections.

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