The Joy Of Re-wilding

I think we all believe that wildness is freedom 
... but many believe it is not ‘civilised’.

We love the visions of being nonconformist and rebellious, but living them drowns us into reluctance.

Opposite of wildness is being controlled. This means being domesticated, tamed, and institutionalised. Do we need to defend our wildness?

Being human, as a species, we seem to have become crafted to live a balance of both wild and tame, silly or sensible.

But we lose our wildness to excessive domestication, excessive tidiness, excessive order, excess of being controlled, and even excessive pacification. All of these excesses smother our freedom.

Under our stylish and pretty clothes, away from our digital and mechanical gadgets, we are all beasts who continue to eat, drink, shit, piss, fornicate. All of these daily body movements while trying to unravel the mystery of what our soul is and where it is guiding us.

How far could we go to return to a more courageous lifestyle? How closer to the flows of nature could we go? Several of our 2019 affirmations are now testing this.

Or are we happy to continue 
a fear-based, guilt threatened, controlled lifestyle?

Over Christmas I watched a Dublin Zoo Christmas special. Some of their work involves mentoring a rehabilitation process of transferring their captive animals back into the wild. Are we captive animals that need mentoring back into the wild?

Can we self mentor this, motivate our own self-rewilding? I find I need to do this each Spring as I arise from my winter writing and recording hermitage.

The first step is always to rewild what we think. It’s breakout time from our zoo cage mentality. Its the daring of releasing ourselves from our over domestication.

All those resolutions and affirmations we may now make to get out there into dangerous, wild, but beautiful places of the world, even if that is just the annual visit to the local forest.

Open and free imagination sparks, 
then ignites our fire to be and do! 

The enthusiastic leap into the unknown.

It feels incredibly healthy to try and be part of the flow of nature first, and be a person second.

Then to move our conscience and mind into rewilding our bodies. We have millions of years of evolution to back us up. As we have become quite detached from that, mentally, we may need to visualise and imagine to bring us back to the ‘wild’.

Masks may help, but many people now refer to their animal and bird totems. We can still imagine our eagle form, wolf form, and even lizard form, and then maybe enact these in wild settings. We certainly do when playing with our children or grandchildren, or we should do.

Be whatever your abundant imagination can dream up, 
and then dance with it without shame or guilt.

There are lots of lovely activities that rewild our bodies. Dancing is one of my own favourites. Martial arts is a good one. Climbing, surfing, and swimming are good. Love making, of course!

Rewilding is much, much more than the ego pumping of gyms and slimming clubs.

Routines kill our dreams. Let dreams and inspiration flow more through dance, playing more, trusting more, and loving more.

Rewilding wakes up our sleeping spirits 
and nourishes us back to ‘whole’ again.

Life is too short not to bathe in the wild, and sense all we can. We only get one shot in this body. There must be so much pain and regret if we mature to ‘retirement’ age, and we get a clock to remind us of the order and routine loyalty we have lived and sacrificed

Rewild yourself now and live, as many hours as you can during a day. It may be tough to get into first gear .... but then? ... Woodland Bard event dates Please support our Labyrinth Gardens work as a Patron
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