This Moment Is The Greenest

Another in my series about Labyrinth Garden quests. this is about transforming  moments through savouring every sensory response. I am also going to relate this to the thoughts that we may be amplifying through January, but do also carry all year round too.

Many of us think of becoming the new ‘me’ 

... becoming skinnier, fitter, happier, loving more, and getting a bit more loot into the bank.

Imagine if we achieved all that, easier than we thought. Would we really be happier, more satisfied, and have refueled our inner longings?

Impossible, as by the flow of nature we cannot be constant with our contentedness, well not from those goals achieved.

The ‘disease’ seems to be that we either invent a problem within a calm situation, or worry about not worrying. So we may carry a lifelong question, “what can we do to create sustained inner peace?”


Who reading this believes there is a “problem” to fix? 

... because without one we may be bored? Or we may go into ourselves and bathe in our loneliness, melancholy, and anger?

Though discovering a problem to fix, we may feel relieved and in a better state of mind than during the previous projectless moments.

I believe the ‘project’ mind is often a distraction from ourselves, our feelings, our sensory perceptions, and direct communication with consciousness and the flow of life itself.

Projects may be engaged in to provide service, through following through with something we have been told to do. Or a project may be a calmer smothering to cover over our fear, guilt and shame.

Solving a problem may be a platform that springs us to ‘there’ rather than stay ‘here’. I am not knocking ‘problem solving’ but the way it may be approached.

The motivation to engage in problem solving 
seems to be a “how can I ...” kind of question. 

I think we can waste a lot of our lives in the pursuit of finding answers to our questions. When we discover what we think is an answer, this may serve relief for a moment or two. Then we find a door that opens to hundreds of questions that we feel we need to also find answers to.

This is exhausting, and beyond any of our abilities as an individual. Its hard to bring others into our solutions game because they are consuming life to answer their questions too. Other people just have no time for anything or anyone else as their questions are a total lifestyle.

During our Tree Labyrinth sessions I offer the idea of spending our moments not trying to answer questions, but discover how to live with our questions, and not be fearful of finding answers and what they may be.

So, some people walk the Tree Labyrinth 
holding a question and discover 
what their sensory responses say to this.

This lifts the ‘responsibility’ of pursuing answers from our own ego-logic, but trusting the flow of life and our consciousness at any moment. A trust in life that can lead us through situations amazingly well.

For many religious people, and people who suddenly want some religion during difficult moments, they will surrender into the prayer of “God help me!”. That’s a call to consciousness and life to guide. Our ego has given up.

It seems we carry ‘wish’ beliefs. We can ponder and believe that there is a place, a state of mind, an age, a time, that is far better than where we are at any present moment.

The advantage of present moments, compared to imagination of the future moments, and hanging onto past moments, is that they do not judge anger, hold frustration, and loneliness. Present moments are just as they are, very simple.

Present moments are merely states of being that come and pass. 

Moments move emotions and feelings. They seem to be very much like the flow of climate and weather changes within this. There is nothing good or bad about them, if we are honest with our responses.

When we truly let go and let the truth of our sensory responses flow through us freely, we no longer believe in the stories that our fears, guilt, shame, cravings, and longings are telling us. When we no longer believe in those self sabotage ‘diseases’ they become merely thoughts that just pass by.

All emotions and feelings that ebb and flow through our day are just touched, and allowed to flow their own course. We do not hold anger, fear, rage, jealousy, and expectations. These insecurity feelings ride themselves into their own hell and devour themselves entirely, just like a weather system.

If you experience life, our sensory perceptions, without judgement, and we tolerate, and accept, the only feeling that can remain constant is love.

Within a complete surrender and love of all 

... of the little stories that our mind is coming up with, our addiction of holding onto our past and future, and denying the present, slowly begins to lose it’s hold on us.

We can discover that our prophesies of present are far more divinating and revealing than prophesies of future, and self sabotage from our past.

When we read tarot cards, or any oracle, try to think of them as mirrors of where you are now because clarity of present inspires the most sound choices for each step into our future

In our acceptance of where we are, who we are, and what we are doing in this exact moment we find that we can surprise ourselves into feeling that there was never really a “problem” at all.

We momentarily feel, moment by moment, that there will not be, ever be will be, a Greener, more fertile, place and time than here, where we are right now.

Discover the joy of living with our questions and not personally searching for answers. One of the quests we offer at the Carrowcrory Tree Labyrinth Garden.

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