What Is Light And Energy?

Through my previous ‘Awareness’ article I touched on a role of those we may call ‘lightworkers’, but what is it they work with?

Some of us may regard those who call themselves ‘lightworkers’ as an odd bunch of folks living a kind of ‘higher realm than though’ reality. A bit unfair really, but any abilities any of them may exclusively claim are within us all. We actually use them, if we could only slow down and recognise them.

People fascinated with and following ‘ley lines’ may regard themselves as ‘lightworkers’. For example, they dowse them on maps, Ordnance Survey maps here, then may follow them, or at least visit sites they can access along the lines.

I became quite an addict of this for about 50 years, like a sort of cosmos train spotter, and even shared a couple of cycle rides with ‘View Over Atlantis’ John Michell during my late teens and early 20s.

I never called myself a ‘lightworker’ then, as this was a ‘hobby’ I picked up from a couple of uncles, great uncles, and an aunt. I was into ordnance survey maps, compasses and dowsing rings from 6 years old. My father was trying to sidestep all of this though.

From this hobby, this passion, I discovered that ley line followers tended to carry a belief that the earth has chakras and the earth has a crystalline grid, a kind of earth nervous system. From this it is often believed that the ley lines are the network of life energy on earth.

Some ‘lightworkers’ believe they can track these and define where both ‘light energies’ and ‘dark energies’ exist. Through this the earth is also approached like an acupuncturist approaches the meridians of a body.

Related to this are the people, including the ‘ley hunter’ people, who sense ‘energies’, ‘karmic signatures’, entities, beings, ghosts, and past conditions, when they enter some buildings, ruins, woodland, coast shore etc. They also serve to deal with these dark and dense energies with their compassion and loving presence.

Some may call upon the flames of saints and angels. There is a visualisation technique, I was once taught, to bring forth Archangel Michael’s violet flame to prevent becoming overwhelmed by dark energies, and allow the violet flame of love to lighten an area, to cleanse it.

Why did I say I followed this for 50 years but not now? 

That is a long article in itself, and I have a chapter or so explaining this in my ‘Bathing In The Fae’s Breath’ book. To try and put this in few sentences ...

Due to a near death experience through a stroke, an experience called ‘being touched by the Fae’s Breth’ in folklore, a kind of guidance there showed me how and why ley lines were a human made reality. Shown they were even a greed tool, and not part of nature.

However, the sensitivity of presence in places I still firmly believe in. I am now connecting that a lot to water and even water vapour in our air, but that’s another book one day.

For now, I find myself storytelling from elements of feelings and visions from places I stand within. During Tree Labyrinth sessions at Carrowcrory I invite people to try something similar to this within the labyrinth, and maybe journal it.

This now brings me onto thoughts about ‘frequencies’.

It seems that those who brand themselves as ‘lightworkers’ live lifestyles with intent to sustain keeping their frequencies high. They may feel this is important to sustain their abilities to love and raise lower, darker, and denser frequencies as they encounter them, more into light and love.

There is the essential polarity of dark and light to let be, though, like day and night, summer and winter, yin and yang.

My first art lessons at grammar school have stuck with me for life. The art teacher got us to draw multiple circles with large mathematical compasses. On the outside was the darkest of black and on the inside the whitest of white. Our project was to convert each ring between into the tranition between black and white, so this was a transition of grey circles.

Next, he got us to do the same but, first, break up the middle ring between black and white into 4 colours, red, yellow, green and blue. We then had to paint the transitions from black to white through each colour, to understand the light and darker shades of each colour.

He then explained how colour changes are ‘frequencies’, and why brown never appeared on these colour transcending paintings.

One of the important disciplines for anyone who slows down and becomes tuned into ‘frequencies’, is avoid indulgence in news media stories. You’ll never leave your home if you indulge in those too much. I had an uncle this happened to seriously. He was an amazing chef, but had to live by his kitchen and his world became just both spaces. He could not face anything else due to sensory horror of news stories.

Ways to overcome this is develop ways to ‘filter’ and humour places, situations and information. Learning these skills are so essential for self care of our existence. Being able to mix with a few trusted friends from time to time also helps a lot. When online, enforce filters so that you only attract info and news that is of comfort to you.

My father and his family claimed to be clairvoyants. I suppose clairvoyants may also call themselves ‘lightworkers’ today? Personally, this side of their work constantly irritated me. I never figured out why, though.

I feel it may be a fear of people becoming very dependant on what clairvoyants say, and even shaping their lives to fit their messages ... rather than work it out from their own inspirations. To me, a clairvoyant reading could too easily be ‘give me €50 and I will tell you how to shape your life’. I feel it’s almost like a form of speed priesting!

I do believe in ‘third eye’ seering, though ... but as an ability for prophecy of our present, not our future. Good seering, to me, is being fully sensory of moments as they happen as each moment is shaping our future.

Clairvoyant prophecy may claim we will be rich and famous in the future, so meanwhile, we could just go to bed until then?

Even more challenging, could be believing an outcome, via a clairvoyant, may detract us from our perfectly healthy living process. We may trip up before any chance of unfolding potential. The clairvoyants also believing their prophecies could enter a tragic realm of self sabotage. I am saying  this after witnessing this happen to sensory and talented clairvoyant friends.

Boosting or perceived reality to the level of prophecy of our ‘third eye’ is quite challenging. I feel we need to also balance this with creating from what is around us rather than what we faithfully believe the universe will provide.

How can we manifest a universe provided future from Facebook posts, for example ... but we can ask for help and invite collaboration and barter on twitter, facebook, and from our neighbours.

What blows me away are a few ‘lightworker’ claimants who claim to be holders of some kind of divine blueprint awakening the earth. You may ask, “I want the drugs they are on”.

So what could a heavenly version of 
human existence on earth look and feel like?

Perhaps one way is to pay attention to our dreams, or if you are fortunate to have them, your out of body experiences. Dreams and out of body experiences can seem like an infinite well of wisdom. They can clearly show that heavenly vision of living, as well as the not so heavenly too.

‘Lightworkers’, may create their vocations, their calling, their priestess and priest work from their dream visions. They also go on wonderful,dream quests to encourage these visions. Some use plants and fungi to tune in their spirit to this ‘messaging realm’ if they cannot manage it ‘manually’.

I feel we are all ‘mediums’, but what are we mediums of?

I believe we are all ‘mediums’ if we can let go, form bridges to our dream links to consciousness, and live by its guidance.

Rather than acting on these visions, you may be a lightworker good at carrying messages.

These ‘messages’ need to be channelled into heightened creativity pursuits. The most immediate I can think of are journaling, sketching, getting a tune out with a musical instrument, or creating a form with mud, clay, or wood.

Becoming familiar with inspirations and exploring them, our prophesies of present become profound and very self-nourishing.

It may feel like we possess a global awakening, but we must realise it is just us and that others have access to their own awakenings, if they allow this.

Some may say we need these inspired ‘lightworkers’ to replace politicians, corporate business people, and their bankers. Some say there is now an abundance of indigo, rainbow and crystal children being born. Of course, we all like to convince ourselves that our children are special.

I believe all children born are special, but all equal. Its the inspiration shared by parents that seem to help with their kick start and spark into life and living.

Is there a wave of new teachers today? Are these lightworkers?  Is this the time of the enlightened human who lives an outer reality reflecting their inner ispirations and dream world?

Are these inspirationalists living a transcended life?

They never seem to, or need to, plan for the future plan but trust that consciousness inspiration will always direct the. They seem to vocalise, “the universe will provide” endlessly. To them life is not survival but being.

Light and energy ... and knowing, is for all, and not exclusive to or taught by a chosen few. Its for our discovery, for everyone. There should be nothing to stop us allowing it ..

... except our sacrifice to those telling us what to follow.

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