Could There Ever Be Loneliness If ...

Could There Ever Be Loneliness If ...

I stopped to watch a blackbird listen
For a twitch and wriggle from the next morsel
To be pecked and pulled from the ground.
I watch the last leaves fall from trees
That will now stand naked and quiet for awhile,
Weaving new life from the soil
To weave love again during the next Spring

A cat appears also hunting
For the next creature or uneaten morsel to chew.
A cat not aware of who was slaughtered
On the other side of the world,
Or called back to the womb through natural disaster.
A cat present, every step a new beginning.
Every brushing against a rugged bark,
A rain dewed grass blade, or my leg, is a new sensation.

Is loneliness a longing reflecting on past sensations?
Is loneliness a fear of not fulfilling a longing?
What if we trust what we see, smell, hear, touch and taste?
Could there ever be loneliness during those moments?

John Willmott aka Woodland Bard

(anyone remember the Facebook hoax of the above lad?)


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