Prayer, The Collective Compassion

Through my previous article, ‘Bathing In Our Faluchtra Pool’ I questioned living according to different contrasts of light and dark through our lives. For this feature I am thinking a step forward, or step back, but of a realm we perhaps carry with us at all times. The more present we we are the more active this reality seems to be.

It is the spaceless, timeless, genderless,
unconditional realm of the Great Mystery. 

The Great Mystery transcends any illusion of individuality and separation we carry to care for and sustain our individual vessels carrying life.

I am thinking of the Great Mystery as also being a holder and communicator of a ‘Collective Compassion’.

I love apples, and especially their folklore of symbolism. My favourite being that when we bite into a juicy crispy apple that fragrant zest up our noses enchants us into that timeless realm. I always believe this is the moment to cast a prayer or ask for a wish while we have crossed that veil for a moment.

I was delighted when I went to work in Glastonbury, a long time ago, into the realm of Avalon where I played. I also love wassailing as it is not only a huge blessing on apple, apel, aval, trees but an intense passionate prayer for the seasons ahead. A prayer that joins the ‘Collective Compassion’

Through several of my articles 
I refer to the Great Mystery

... igniting, powering, empowering that thing I clumsily name as the collective unconsciousness. That realm that no words could ever be invented to describe.

From that realm, that if we are still and surrender to it, all kinds of vision, guidance and instruction seems to flow from it. It’s quite the poet’s pool.

After abiding to human civilisation regimes that try to distract us and separate us from this, we climb back from the enforced mundane into an apprenticeship of regaining our Divinity. We do this through Prayer. Some prefer to say Meditation as meditation can be about what comes while Prayer can be asking for something or asking a question. A Guided Meditation is where someone guides us into receiving.

All of this being our connection moments 
to a Collective Compassion.

There are several practitioners of wellbeing arts who engage in what they may describe as distant or remote healing or therapy. Do they engage with the Collective Compassion, the realm of pure love?

There are times we sense messages sent to us. We think of people and the phone rings, and it is that person. We even think of people and something happening then phone them up to discover it is happening. We can hum a tune, turn on the radio and its not only the tune but we are in time and sync with where the song is on the radio. As we are driving narrow roads we can sense cars and people around a bend that we do not even see yet. So many instances like that through our lives.

Some of us may describe these 
as being voices of ‘God’.

When we send out our thoughts and messages of love it is a compassion for people we can clearly vision but cannot speak to them directly. There is a huge sense of collective compassion when we do this.

Collective Compassion seems to be the broadcasting system of an infinite pool of knowledge where all human knowledge and experiences have accumulated.

This pool seems to be of everything that has been done, but transformed for the present. We also realise that we also add what has never been done before.

There is the delightfully well worn proverb of “it’s the journey, not the destination”. The ‘journey’ is always the building blocks of our lives. Through the people we meet on journeys we see more of ourselves mirrored. When we let go of discrimination and bias, we recognise that though many people seem to have nothing in common with us, they still feel like brothers and sisters. You know we do not need to fight anymore.

Eventually, most of us see that the way forward is to keep being loving, and release all old fixed biased patterns. Life becomes a web of possibilities rather than one fixed blinkered intent.

We shed the illusion that we need to go out and save the world. Instead we look more inside, and immediately around us within physical vision and senses. We trust that saving the world will become a collective of others looking inwards and locally rather than deny it.

There is no need to prove anything any more, 

...and we no longer wish to live as islands trying to connect the world. We discover we are peninsulas of a connected world of humans and other vessels carrying life.

Ambitions and intensity are transformed into relaxation and trust that things will happen. Trust that used to frighten us.

Defending identity slips away as we realise it never existed anyway. We become comfortable through allowing moments of expression to blossom into timeless creations, and can let them go when they need to.

Each morning, awaking, we are a blank canvas open to a new painting to evolve on it.

From this I would like to think about leadership.

Though we may grow unattached to the image of being a leader, its amazing how we become leaders from breaking away from leadership intent. When we start living the truth of unity we become leaders.

Sense of unity is transcending the illusion of being islands, separating ourselves from others, and seeing and loving the light from everyone.

We grow a passionate feeling of being at one with the trees; the birds; the earth; the insects and people around us

Every step you take has an instinct of doing no harm.

When we pray as part of the collective compassion we set an example, a template of embodied leadership, from within and immediately around us.

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