The Fairy Lover

Erin An Gáinconáigh,
Gean Cannach,
Fae lover, maybe the Green Man.
The arriver at night in darkness,
With flickered lights of temptation.
An invitation to debauchery,
Drives woman into passionate frenzy.
"The winds carry me like wild charging stallions,
Riding upon the breath of lavender's blending scent,
To rest upon the post of your abode,
Watching you dream your dreams in bed. "
Awakening carnal desires within,
Hot flames from flowing blood hearth in winter;
Every fearless touch undoing into abandonment,
Revelling in fearless presence within the forbidden.
... and then

... ...... and then

the woman's discovers its is her own spirit 

...that is driving the passion and not an external dream faerie lover.

Similar poems to the above are told of to arouse an infectious lust, a kind of trickery mating dance. Poems like this are told by men bards of old to ensure they may have some company in their bed during the rest of the nightly hours. Then at sunrise, they are gone, leaving a ‘longing’.

After being left abandoned from such love, both women and men seek for a love that is sustaining, and not fleeting.

Instead of being under the spell of a Gancanagh, we eventually discover a new light, and many say this light is ‘she’, their Brigid, Bhride, Brideog, their guide, their angel, their shaman totem, and it never leaves them ...

Co. Cavan Storyteller Tony Cuckson once said
that "true" bards are not bards unless they are "Love Talkers".

A trickster Gean Cannach’s poem, is always cleverly worded and told, to penetrate into the dreams of women, arouse their lust, and leave them longing, longing for more ... but he has lusted and is gone.

A woman can never really be with this Love Talker. The more she thinks and dreams of him, the more and more distant he seems to become, but the more and more she yearns and wants him, unless ...

Can she shut off from her ‘longing’ and empty life, that she perhaps explains to others is actually full, and abundant in ‘ultra spiritualness’ and balanced vegan cuisine.

Can she give in and Actually give it all to him ...

... and suddenly, by doing so, discovers that she is actually him!

When any woman, or man, discovers that their own sacred heart is their ‘Love Talker’ then the Bard, the Storyteller, within becomes the voice and passion shared out to others, to live itself!

Life is also discovered to be all embracing, purer, whole, and much more nourishing than any attempted balanced vegan recipe.

At this time of reverence to the Hearth of Brighid, some say that this profound awareness is actually the ‘flame of Brighid’.

It is the voices we share through writing, through singing, through chanting, through music, especially harps, through drumming, through prayer bowls, through dance, through drawing, through painting, through sculpture, through our craft, our work, our service for others. They could be called the flame of Brighid, flowing from us from the Faluchtra.

Its as if ...

A dragon's fire ignites in every heart,
And every dragon's tale
Is always umbelically connected
To the heart of this one beautiful woman,
In the gathering fire.
The same beautiful woman
That resides, courts and judges
At the point where our two worlds meet.

And, so I wonder if this time of Brigid, or any day you reserve for contemplation of the Brigid spirit, will inspire you or cause you to yearn for more of the bathing in the love of Brigid. ‘Bathing With The Sheela’

You do not have to be present in Cill Dara (Kildare), Faughart, or at any Brigid Well, or Brighid’s Hearths around Erin. You choose your hearth, your sacred space, even your blanket, to embrace and accept the flame of Brigid, the flame of what the guiding spirit you recognise is.

This is flame of the returned renewed life of spring for this year's cycle.

We have had the Gregorian pope enforced Brighid’s Day,

...on the 1st, and today is Candlemas Day. Point of Imbolc is early Monday morning.

There are some nice simple things you can do through now and Imbolc to remind you and even activate the renewed life of Spring.

Do some house cleaning, especially in the kitchen, especially recycling what you do not need in the fridge.

If you still have any Christmas greenery lingering, burn it now.

Make some Brigid's crosses, if you can, and it’s not too late, and hang them up, especially in the kitchen.

These rush, reed, or grain stem crosses are symbolic of influencing, Brighid, or your chosen guide’s, blessing through you, and through your food. Burn any old crosses and any woven images you may have. This is time for the new blessings and not the past.

Touch something new born in nature, if you can, 

...such as that new bud unfolding from a tree or, if they are nearby, the new snowdrops opening.

See, feel, sense, if any of these tasks and rituals inspires you. Write, journal, compose, paint or making something.

By doing so, you will find yourself being a new Spring "Love Talker". the Fairy Lover is in you, and will always live with you, if you allow this.

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