The Quickening

Good Imbolc morning friends ...
'Tis the first morning after our earth
Has crossed the midpoint between Yule and Equinox
On the ecliptic that relates us to the galaxy.

It is also the midpoint of Aquarius,
The water bearer, supposedly bearing
The melting of the winter snow.
It looks like we have a few days of that snow
Still to arrive and melt.

These are now days of Quickening,
The flow that pushes the 'womb'
To birth forming life from dark to light.

These are now days we turn over
Our archive of collective memories
And birth our resolutions and affirmations of renewal.

We hold new desires to be fulfilled.
New poems written,
Celebrate new life with drawing and planning,
Maybe new recipes to try out to become healthier.

We have been calling on Brighid
To engage these desires and prayers
Through making crosses and dolls,
And food for visiting friends.

Our thoughts of this time are on
Healing what may have waned on us through winter.
This new day after Imbolc
Is patronage of new ideas, new callings.

New plans for the growing to harvest season,
And new distribution of the voices of bards
To inspire hope in our hearts
And trust in what we can do.

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