When Love Escapes From Entrapment

Who are these mythical women
Coupled to images of death, and disorder,
The witch, the hag, the bean sidhe?

Who spreads messages claiming that
These witchy women are evil conductors of destruction
Who throw cloaks of darkness upon us to drain our breath?

They are the spell branding words of alchemists, I believe.
The self appointed masters of single purpose,
Enchanting fear to feed their lust for genocidal order.

Alchemists who extract love to be able to exist,
And for their own spells to create items that sparkle.
But they cannot share back the extracted love they entrap …

BrídeÓg, of blossoming, fruiting, harvesting, is born,
And regeneration happens infinitely in cycles that spiral
So that love can be constant, and dissolve it’s entrapment.

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