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Compassionate Contemplation

Our Labyrinth Gardens carry an intent  to be used for calm and connection. Calm can mean space that seems to be a break away from anxiety and stress, or if you are a calm and happy person, a place to carry your questions and discover what is revealed for you. Connection can mean a pause from our self creation, which we may call ego, into space of uncondition where we can flow without challenge and be part of our surroundings rather than complete with it. Compassionate contemplation is sharing our calm , our prayer, our meditation, with all around us. Using the Labyrinth Gardens, we may attract or conceive a vision, a clarity, and maybe form a story of how our craft, that calling that we process through our minds, hands and voice, can be used compassionately towards bridging and connection .  This is not limited to our compassion with other people,  but with all life and our landscapes Compassionate connection with anything here opens a wonderful personal opportunit