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Explore Our Hubs and Portals

Introduction & links to our Hubs and Portals collection. I sort of maintain quite a collection of hub and portal sites for myself and Claire Roche, but really do not do much with them until the daylight shortens, and here we are just after Equinox and I am getting into the swing of this again. Some are new, some with little content yet, but please subscribe to the ones you like, and I will make a lot of effort to load these better this winter. ... Enjoy exploring :-) Carrowcrory Cottage & Labyrinth Gardens Our main portal. The base of all of the projects, work, and service we do. From here we host our Sunday Sessions. Each of these session topics will eventually have their own pages and portals. Claire Roche hosts mid-week Afternoons here with an introductory Tree Labyrinth Garden Session, Afternoon Tea, and a performance of her enchanting stories, songs and harps. Eventually, a side portal explaining more about the Labyrinth Gardens and the trees, plants, and her