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More Trees On The Land

My Own Three Tree Passions Since being hugely inspired by the people I met at the Tree Festival in Co. Leitrim, at the end of August, and.synthesised in with my own lifelong woodland passions, these three passions have surfaced to the top with me. Forest Schooling, that is for all ages and not limited to games and wonders for the children, but a whole psyche and value transformation for anyone. Being among woodland, or any native wilderness such as coast, savannah. prairie etc. and that being our sacred space of faith, inspiration, esteem, confidence, self-love for shared love, sensing, listening, vision, expression, and creation. How to create or be part of a Tree Sanctuary and by doing so also increase the native tree cover of our lands for CO2 absorption, physical healing and protection, mental healing and protection, and dream catching and using. The Wonderful 'Trees On The Land' 'Trees On The Land' is an amazing charity, In short, each year, on you

Is Ireland Planting More Native Trees?

600,000 native trees around Ireland within 3 years New Irish Government policy is to plant 600,000 native trees around Ireland within 3 years, edged on by the Green Party. Looks like good news at first glance. My first reaction was that this would bring Ireland in line with Scottish policy that has proven to be a huge success, and was also steered by a Green Party motion and lobbying. Forest education and tourism has become successful and is expanding rapidly in Scotland. It’s Ireland’s time now ... but! I read about this elsewhere and, sadly ... Is this merely a Government Spin?  Looking closely, the policy is for 22 million trees to be planted each year, but 600,000 native trees planted over 3 years. This means 200,000 native trees planted per year. Put the native trees planted against the 22 million trees planted per year, and that still keeps Ireland at around 1% native tree forestry? This is certainly not like the recent Ethiopia tree planting action. There is also