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I Am Back - Visions For 2020

Cut Down By Strokes I have been quiet because over Christmas I suffered two strokes. One on Christmas Day last year, and another more serious one during the early morning of the 27th December. After a couple of weeks in hospital I was transferred top the excellent St. John's Hospital Sligo for rehabilitation and lots of useful physiotherapy work. I was discharged and allowed home Friday 7th February, and was able to vote on 8th February. My current condition is that I am itching to get back into action but I still have some limitations that will heal over the coming months. I can walk around Carrowcrory Cottage without support, but still need a crutch to get around the gardens. I went around a supermarket a couple of days ago and was very comfortable shopping holding onto a shopping trolley. I want to get back to the local market though. Beyond Fatigue I had a more paralytic stroke 10 years ago but recovered from that quite quickly, and I do not remember the fatig