I Am Back - Visions For 2020

Cut Down By Strokes

I have been quiet because over Christmas I suffered two strokes. One on Christmas Day last year, and another more serious one during the early morning of the 27th December.

After a couple of weeks in hospital I was transferred top the excellent St. John's Hospital Sligo for rehabilitation and lots of useful physiotherapy work. I was discharged and allowed home Friday 7th February, and was able to vote on 8th February.

My current condition is that I am itching to get back into action but I still have some limitations that will heal over the coming months.

I can walk around Carrowcrory Cottage without support, but still need a crutch to get around the gardens. I went around a supermarket a couple of days ago and was very comfortable shopping holding onto a shopping trolley. I want to get back to the local market though.

Beyond Fatigue

I had a more paralytic stroke 10 years ago but recovered from that quite quickly, and I do not remember the fatigue. 3 months after the stroke I was hill walking and guiding people to Carrowkeel Cairns, no bother.  This time a bit different. Older I suppose :-)

The one huge saviour is that through this I have maintained a happy mind and not got depressed or feel hopeless. I always found something of curiosity and something to laugh at. Sometimes there has been four letter rich roars from frustration, but its just a release. I am just fine and happy again after such blorts.

So with this fatigue, I can work on something for an hour, maybe two, then need a nap for an hour or two. I get good night's sleep and I eat well. I can make my meals and enjoy that, and clear up after myself. I am not good on the bed making and housework, though, so have help for that. Laundry no problem though, I handle that.

Bathing Our Roots Deeper

On the creative side I have been working slowly on my next book, 'Bathing Our Roots'. I have put the almost completed 'Bathing With The Sheela' on hold, as I feel 'Bathing Our Roots' is more for our times.

I do keep writing and re-writing the chapters, though, as I get more and more deeper into this.  My last book, 'Bathing In The Fae's Breath' was visionary from my stroke 10 years ago. Likewise this 'Bathing Our Roots' is from visions of these two Christmas midwinter strokes. Finding words to be close to the visions is a tough craft. I am happy about where this is going. At one point it was too dark. I think I am making it more entertaining now.

I was very scared during the first two weeks after the strokes, a manifestation from the confusion as the sensory contents of my damaged brain bit was probably scurrying to find a new home is some healthy brain :-).

I focused on this fear, and found the calm, and the connections return again. I am adapting this experience to stories of my life and other lives and how the dark becomes our friend as much as the light without causing harm. Of course, tree stories enter this, and will probably be at least half of the book :-)

Labyrinth Gardens Opening?

So thoughts now are responding to people who want to visit the Labyrinth Gardens here this year. How are we going to handle this? Of course, there has to be, and will be a way, or two.

With the weather patterns as they are in February, not much can be done before March and I should be much stronger by March.

We will host Sunday Sessions like last year as they were fun and enjoyed by those who joined in. Some sessions were very busy and full house, and some had just one or two visitors. Only one was a 'no show'.

The benefit to me of Sunday Sessions is that they are not dependant on number support. 18 people is really the maximum to make it work. One or two people becomes casual, flexible, and intimate, and a 'no show' motivates me to do something related to the session theme. So Sunday Sessions are really perfect for Carrowcrory.

Any Volunteers?

Midweek sessions will be a lot less though and more dedicated to working the gardens and catching up. Volunteers very welcome to apply, and we have a spare bedroom. Would be a great help.

Very behind on raised bed preparation this year, and I am hoping to complete the Soft Fruit Serpent Garden to connect the Tree Labyrinth Garden to the Triple Spiral Labyrinth Garden. Getting on top of those two projects would be a grand help.

So for this year, please look out on Events for the Sunday Sessions.

Only two fundraising Secret Gardens Of Sligo Sundays this year, hopefully back to 4 next year.  Fundraising for the St. John's Community Hospital Garden, as they were amazing for my rehab and do not get regular HSE medical card funds and rely on donations and sponsoring to function.

Also if you can offer midweek volunteering to help, even a few days and stay, please let me know.

Thank you for your interest, kindness and support through this. It looks like becoming a lovely 2020.


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