Stories And Trust

How I so believe in this, and work with this ... the therapeutic power of stories. 

I tend to feel quite an empathy for people, and even a bit of sadness for them, when people bombard me with the “where are your ‘facts’ ...”.

Even worse is when people declare “These are the facts!!!” ... and perhaps refer me to a Wiki page. 

This is because I never personally believe in the existence of ‘facts’, well not in a worded presentation called ‘facts’. As I often quickly respond, “What are facts today, are fictional stories tomorrow”. 

Perhaps the most challenging of all is when people say “what you are saying is just a bunch of lies”. My reaction is ‘sigh, they have perhaps not discovered the life enrichment and wisdom inspiring magic of stories.’

Personally, I cannot possibly see how truth can be conveyed with words ... yet truth is mighty from our synthesis of senses. I find it is stories that can pause us and encourage our senses to talk to us rather than words. From that sense synthesis, visions become clear. Also these visions are prophecies of our present moments. Where they point us also becomes clear and very trustworthy too. 

This is why I create Living Labyrinths, to be as a choice of space where senses become alive. It feels safe, and we experience Trust. Its where our stories evolve and are eventually told by us.


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